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Black Friday Electric Bike Deals

Inflation and an overall sad looking economy might have you avoiding big purchases. But one of the few industries that isn't seeing price gouging is electric mountain bikes. In fact, we're seeing some of the best electric mountain bike deals right now--better than any we've seen since before the pandemic driven cycling boom. Today, we're going over Fly Rides' picks for the best value electric mountain bikes during this period of excellent electric mountain bike deals.

This year's Black Friday promotion has ended, but Fly Rides always has amazing deals! Check out our current clearance bikes here.

2022’s Best Black Friday Electric Bike Deals

Black Friday is known nationwide as the best time to make big purchases so that you can get the best deals. Black Friday electric bike deals tend to be no different. While we at Fly Rides always keep you up to date on the best electric bike deals no matter the time of year in our newsletter and on ourYouTube channel, if you are wondering what time of year you should buy an electric mountain bike or electric bikes for any purpose, Black Friday tends to be a good day to look.

And this year’s Black Friday promises some of the best electric bike prices we’ve seen in a long time. The one problem with waiting to buy until Black Friday is that the electric bike you want might sell out very quickly. The Fly Rides Black Friday eBike blowout sale is helping remedy that situation with our price drop guarantee.

What is The Fly Rides Price Drop Guarantee?

Put simply, we want you to be able to buy the bike you want without having to worry whether or not the price might drop further on Black Friday. With our Price Drop Guarantee, if you buy any electric bike on sale betweenOct. 27, 2022 and Dec. 31, 2022 and our price drops even further before the end of the year, we will refund you the difference. Sounds like a great deal, right? But, it would require electric bike prices to be coming down, so…are they?

Are eBike Prices Coming Down?

In short. Yes.

It may seem like prices have gone up on just about everything over the past few months. Inflation has driven up the prices on fuel, groceries, and many other necessities. But in the electric bike industry, you’re able to get some of the best deals on electric mountain bikes and electric bikes for commuting and leisure riding. The reason for this is pretty simple. Early on in the pandemic, cycling saw a massive increase in popularity causing limited availability. Prices then went up because supply was low and demand was high.

Now, electric bike manufacturers have caught up with demand. In some cases, this has caused prices to go back down to normal. But in others, manufacturers’ have actually overstocked. Companies who overstocked their inventory have now had to drop their prices below MSRP to make room for 2023 models that will arrive soon.

Typically, getting the best deal on an electric bike requires hours, days, sometimes weeks of research and constant checking in with multiple retailers and manufacturers. But with the Fly Rides Price Drop Guarantee, you can buy right now and be guaranteed to get the lowest electric bike prices of 2022.

Fly Rides Recommendations: Best Deals on the Best Electric Bikes of 2022

While there are great deals onelectric bikes industry wide, there are some electric bikes offering better value than others. If you want to check out a video featuring all the bikes we’re about to talk about,follow this link to see our selections.

The electric bike deals we are most excited about right now come from the electric mountain bike side of things. In our opinion, theMondraker Level R has the best value out of the electric mountain bikes on sale for Black Friday. In our ranking ofTop eMTBs for 2022, the Mondraker Level R won out easily. With Mondraker’s Zero Suspension and Forward Geometry, 180mm of travel from Fox, and an aggressive design, this an electric enduro mountain bike capable of tearing up the most intense trails. Mondraker is a Spanish brand that caters to riders passionate about mountain biking. Their electric mountain bikes feature specific redesigns that improve upon their already impeccable acoustic bikes for riders who prefer eBikes. Check out ourfull video review to see if the Mondraker Level R is a good fit for you!

TheOrbea Wild FS H10 is the next deal you do not want to miss out on. If you’re an electric mountain bike rider who’s a bit newer to the sport and aren’t looking for the aggressive enduro stylings offered by the Level R, the Wild FS H10 is a great start. With a powerful Bosch Performance CX motor and 160mm of travel from Fox, you’ll receive an electric mountain bike that is great for the entry level rider but also capable of tearing up singletrack and jumplines when you inevitably become the next Richie Rude. And, you guessed it, we’ve got a full video review on this Spanish electric mountain bikeright here.

Another excellent option for both the casual adventure eMTB rider and thrill-seekers is theCube Stereo Hybrid 160 SL (of course,video review here. Justsubscribe already!). Cube is one of the leading electric mountain bike brands in Germany, but is still carving their way through the American market. Their half carbon/half aluminum High Performance Composite frames offer the best of both materials–the lightweight, sturdy nature of carbon mixed with the affordability of aluminum–to provide excellent value. Even though this bike offers excellent components out of the box, it is currentlysuch a great deal that you could easily add on an upgraded derailleur, tire set, or wireless dropper and still walk out the door with an electric mountain bike way less expensive than many of the bikes on the market.

Should You Wait Until Black Friday to Buy an Electric Bike?

To recap, you’ll definitely get some of the best deals on electric bikes on Black Friday. But you can also miss out due to a flood of customers buying electric bikes at the same time. Everybody knows that they can wait until Black Friday to see huge price drops, so when Black Friday hits, deals are gobbled up instantly.

But with the Fly Rides Price Drop Guarantee there is truly no reason to wait. Remember: you can buy any bike on sale between Oct. 27, 2022 and Dec. 31, 2022 and we will match any further price drops you see on our website. That means you’re getting the cheapest price on the electric bike of your choice. So don’t wait until Black Friday or beyond. These inventory overstock deals always result in a massive uptick in sales, and there’s no guarantee that these units will last until Black Friday!

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