Can One Electric Bike Really Work for Mountains and Roads? Commuting on an Electric Mountain Bike

Can One Electric Bike Really Work for Mountains and Roads? Commuting on an Electric Mountain Bike

One question we get asked a lot is if an eBike can be used on roads and for mountain biking. It makes sense - you want a versatile bike that you can use for all kinds of situations. Electric bikes are also an investment, so it's smart to try and maximize how much riding you can do on your new bike.

An eMTB also offers certain features that might make your commute even better - depending on your route. Full suspension is great to smooth out bumps in the road, and wider tires give you extra traction if you’re riding in muddy, snowy, or otherwise gnarly conditions. What’s more - you might be able to save time on your commute (and have more fun) if you can take an off-road shortcut (we’re talking about you, Sorrento Valley). But those wider tires can also slow you down on the roads. So to help you decide what kind of bike would be good for you, Scott takes a Riese & Müller Superdelite Mountain to the streets of Los Angeles to give you an idea of some of the pros and cons of riding an eMTB on the streets. Watch below to see what we found out:

The Riese & Müller Superdelite Mountain 

This bike has a lot of great features that lend themselves to commuting, like a lock and racks, and integrated lights. Built for touring off-road, it can also carry a lot of gear.

At Fly Rides, we offer an array of electric bikes: from full-suspension and hardtail eMTBs to road/commuting and gravel electric bikes, beach cruiser/leisure eBikes and family e-cargo bikes. Our team of eBike enthusiasts would love to help you find a great bike for you. Get in touch, or check out our YouTube channel for more great reviews.

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