2017 Bulls Monster EF S Review

You might not have heard much about Bulls electric bikes since they are new to the States. Bulls impressed the crew over at San Diego Fly Rides with their 2016 lineup, so they had us stoked to see their 2017 electric bikes. They did not disappoint! In this post, we’ll take a look at the one of the fat tire bikes Bulls offers. Here is our 2017 Bulls Monster EF S Review.

Of course, the first thing you notice on this bike is the tires. Bulls has you hooked up with the Schwalbe Jumbo Jims, which offer great traction coming in at 4 inches wide. They are great for loose and snowy terrain. The RockShox Bluto fork offers 100mm of travel in the front, and the RockShox Monarch rear shock will give you 120mm. This is plenty for any terrain you’d want to conquer on this bike. The wheels are held on by a hefty 15mm thru axle for improve stability. Top this off with Magura hydraulic disc brakes and an 11-speed Shimano Deore XT derailleur, and you’ve got a solid bike.

On the full suspension model, Bulls has decided to go with the Bosch Performance CX 350 watt motor. Bosch continues to get better and better. This year’s big improvement was the bump from 400 watt hour batteries to 50o watt hours, so the Bosch bikes this year will take you about 20% further. These motors also offer an impressive 75 newton meters of torque. That is incredible power!

I took this bike out on sand and on the roads, and it performed incredibly in both conditions. These fat tire bikes are so fun because they can take you places that other bikes can’t, but they can also get you from your house to the trail or beach. The tires are nice and cushy, and the full suspension feels nice. This electric bike is very comfortable to ride.

To check out our best deals on this bike you can click here: 2017 Bulls Monster EF S. All of our bikes can be viewed at flyridesusa.com

Check out the rest of our 2017 electric bike reviews on our blog. Happy riding!

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