2017 Bulls Six50 E 1.5 Review

The 2017 Bulls electric bikes are in! We’ve been waiting to see if Bulls could blow us away again, and they certainly did! We all loved the 2016 Bulls models. This year’s lineup seems it will be no different. We’ve worked our way through most of the 2017 models, and are here to review them for you. Here is our 2017 Bulls Six50 E 1.5 review.

I love the look of this bike. The color scheme is really cool, and the battery integrates well into the frame. Speaking of the Bosch battery and motor, I love that Bulls decided to include the updated 500 watt hour battery on their more basic hardtail bikes. This allows customers who want to save some money to still have the added benefit of a 20% better battery life than last year’s Bosch motors. Bosch still offers 75 newton meters of torque and excellent cadence and torque sensors meaning the assist from the motor never wavers. This motor will take you up hills, on roads, and just about anywhere you want to go.

Bulls has also included some solid components. They’ve set you up with Suntour coil suspension fork that offers 120mm travel. This is plenty of suspension for any riding you’d want to do on a hardtail electric bike. The Tektro HD M285 hydraulic disc brakes offer plenty of stopping power.  Schwalbe Smart Sam tires offer great off-road grip and are well protected against potential flats. Finally, the 10-speed Shimano Deore RD-M610 derailleur shifts smoothly and offers plenty of gears for most any situation.

I’ve always been a fan of hardtail bikes, so I’ve ridden most of the electric hardtails out there. I must say, this one ranks pretty high. Having the Bosch motor on the 2017 Bulls Six50 E 1.5 is great. This bike is on the cheaper end of the spectrum, so you’d expect some compromises. With the Bosch motor installed, it doesn’t feel like any compromises have happened. The suspension is smooth, and it provides lockout for more stability when necessary.

Overall, I would highly recommend this bike. Bulls has become a major contender in the US market, and I expect to continue to see great things from them.

If you’re interested in buying this bike, click on the following link for the best prices: 2017 Bulls Six50 E 1.5.

Check out our blog for more reviews, and go to flyridesusa.com for our whole selection of electric bikes. Happy riding!

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