2017 Bulls Six50+ E FS 3 Review

The new 2017 Bulls electric bikes are in! Bulls is still a pretty new brand to the US, so we want to give you a detailed look at their 2017 lineup. They offer a wide variety of mountain, commuter, and cross electric bikes. Here is our 2017 Bulls Six50+ E FS 3 review.

The 2016 bikes from Bulls certainly were impressive. By the looks of the 2017 bikes, this year is going to be no different. The 2017 Six50+ E FS 3 can make a solid downhill bike for serious mountain bikers. It’s also one of the better-priced eMTBs on the market at only $4799.

Taking a look at some of the specs, you can see that this electric bike is set for some intense trails. For starters, they’ve hooked you up with top of the line rear and front suspension from RockShox. You’ll get 150mm of travel up front and 120mm on the back. Both also come with lockout if you want a sturdier ride. The rear and front Magura MT5 disc brakes will keep you safe and stop very smoothly. Finally, with 11 gears on the Shimano Deore XT gear set, there is basically no trail you can’t conquer.

The Bosch motor is considered the top motor by many electric bike enthusiasts. This years model comes with one very important upgrade: an extra 100 watt hours of battery life. This brings Bosch’s batteries to 500 total watt hours, closing the gap to the Brose motors. This, of course, means you can go even further per charge. The motor also provides 75 newton meters of torque for great power up hills. The Bosch performance motor truly is one of the best, and Bulls uses it well.

Hopping on this bike feels great. The geometry is very open and provides a very comfortable ride. The suspension felt great on rocky trails, and the lockout process was easy to perform. The motor integrates well into the bike, and lasts a long stretch. The Rocket Ron tires are grippy, and they provide some nice cushion, which helps along the suspension.

You can purchase this bike by following this link, but be sure to check out the full lineup of Bulls bikes at flyridesusa.com.

Keep checking our blog for more reviews on the 2017 electric bikes! Happy riding!

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