2017 Haibike Xduro AllMtn 7.0 Review

The new 2017 Haibikes have arrived at San Diego Fly Rides! We’ve been pumped about these electric bikes, and couldn’t wait to ride them. Just about every bike has seen some significant improvements. In this post, we’ll focus on the 2017 Haibike Xduro AllMtn 7.0. Enjoy our review!

Hands down, the most important upgrade is the 100 watt hour bump in battery life to 500 watt hours. This means you’re getting a much longer ride, about a 20% improvement on last year. The Bosch CX Performance motor remains mostly unchanged, but that extra battery power makes this already great system even more amazing.

The next big upgrade is the move from Shimano Deore XT brakes to Magura MT5 and MT4 brakes. You’ll get MT5 in the front and MT4 in the back. Having the MT5 up front is going to give you the stopping power necessary on those steep downhills, and MT4 in the rear should also be plenty for any rider.

The RockShox Yari RC fork is definitely on par with last year’s Fox forks. It will provide you with 150mm of travel and a lockout feature for more sturdy riding on steep climbs. Haibike matched the RockShox fork with a RockShox Monarch RT3 rear shock. This suspension system is top of the line and perfectly capable of taking on the most intense mountain biking routes.

When you hop on this bike, you can feel the improvements of the overall geometry of the bike. It’s a very comfortable and open ride. The 75 nm of torque offered by the Bosch motor made the hills super easy, even if you are starting from a stop. The suspension is perfect. It’s not too floaty, you can still feel your ride, which I like. The Nobby Nic tires really grip the trail well. I never felt like I was going to slide or skid. The motor is never super loud or bothersome, even when it’s working the hardest. 

I really love this bike. Haibike continues to improve, yet again. This bike is perfect for experienced riders looking step up their mountain bike game with a top of the line bike for a reasonable price point. See the video below for a look at the bike itself, check out the rest of our reviews on the 2017 electric bikes! Happy riding!

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