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2017 Riese & Müller Charger Review

Riese & Müller has arrived to change the game! This premium electric bike brand does something that no other manufacturer can do: they offer customized bikes to your exact specifications. Riese & Müller have been on the electric bike scene for quite some time in Europe, and they are finally delivering great electric bikes stateside. You can read more about Riese & Müller’s other models in our 2017 Nevo review and our 2017 Delite review. In this post, we’ll focus on the charger. Here is our 2017 Riese & Müller Charger review.

2017 Riese & Müller Charger Touring

As mentioned above and in previous posts, the thing that makes Riese & Müller special is that customers can fully customize their electric bikes. The Riese & Müller Charger line might be the most versatile in this aspect. The big difference between these Chargers and some other Riese & Müller bikes is that you can choose between 27.5″ wheels and 29″ wheels. Bigger wheels help you to keep your speed once you start moving. This is great for bicycle touring, commuting to work, or cruising around town. I love that Riese & Müller have included this upgrade because wheel size can be a major deciding factor for serious cyclists.

Dual Battery Available in 49cm and 53cm

As with Riese & Müller’s other models, the charger is available with a dual battery. This brings your total battery life up to 1000 watt hours. Whether you’re on a high speed model or the standard CX Performance motor, this will provide plenty of ride time. The Bosch motor also provides plenty of support with four different levels of assist. No matter which motor you choose–Bosch’s Performance CX motor or their Performance Speed line–you’ll have plenty of power right out of the gate thanks to high levels of torque (75nm and 63nm respectively).


Bosch’s Performance CX Motor

Let’s break down some of the specific options bike by bike. The two biggest groups to break the Riese & Müller bikes into are your 20mph bikes (Charger Touring, Charger GT Touring, Charger GT Nuvinci, Charger Nuvinci, and the Charger GH Nuvinci) and your 28mph bikes (Charger Touring HS, Charger GT Touring HS, Charger GT Nuvinci HS, and the Charger Nuvinci HS). High speed (HS) electric bikes are great for people trying to get from point A to point B in a hurry, and without breaking a sweat. For those who have a hillier journey, the 20mph Performance CX might be a better choice because of its higher levels of torque. But what do all those other capital letters and different names mean? Let’s dive in!

First, we’ll look at the drivetrain. If the the bike you’re looking at has “Touring” in the name, then you’ll have a traditional derailleur, cassette, chain drivetrain. This is great for riders who like the feel of a traditional bike. The Bosch motor keeps you in the action and the Shimano SLX 11-speed drivetrain gives you plenty of options up big hills. If you see the word “Nuvinci” in your bike’s name, you’ll get an internally geared hub and belt drive drivetrain. Think of this as your “set it and forget it” option. Nuvinci hub gears require little maintenance and offer continuous shifting, even from a standstill. This is a great option for those who aren’t comfortable with bike maintenance and want to avoid the bike shop as much as possible. We’ll talk about some of the Rohloff options later on.

Nuvinci Belt Drive and Integrated Hub

Riese & Müller also gives you option to go fat tire with their Charger line. This helps to increase the different types of terrain riders can handle, and it provides some excellent cushion. Check out any of the models that say “GT” for this option. My personal favorite fat tire in the charger line is the Riese & Müller Charger GT Nuvinci HS.

So you’re all caught up on Nuvinci, GT, HS, Touring, but if you check out our Riese & Müller collection, you’ll notice the Charger GX electric bikes. What’s going on with those? These are the sportier, off-road touring model. Got a muddy route in mind for your next ride? These electric bikes can handle muddy trails and the pavement leading up to it.

Riese & Müller Charger GX Rohloff

Like the other bikes in the charger family, all of the GX bikes offer 20mph and 28mph options. You can also upgrade to a dual-battery. The biggest difference is that the upgrade from the Riese & Müller Charger GX Touring is to a Rohloff 14-speed internal hub gear. Like the Nuvinci, this hub gear let’s you change gears smoothly, even from a standstill, but it has an even larger ratio. It also overs a suspension seatpost for those bumpy gravel and dirt trails. Check out the Riese & Müller Charger GX Rohloff to compare it to others in this line.

Finally, Riese & Müller has given riders the option to buy a stripped down electric mountain bike Charger. This hardtail e-MTB comes standard with the Bosch Performance CX motor. Its 75nm of torque help flatten hills, and Schwalbe Nobby Nic tires grip any trail. This is a great option for mountain riders looking for some assistance.

R&M Charger Mountain

So there are your 2017 Riese & Müller Charger electric bikes. Check out the full line-up including pictures, specs, and general prices in our Riese & Müller collection. Have a look at our blog for more electric bike reviews and all things electric biking! Happy riding!


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