500 Watt Hour Bosch Battery Review

500 watt hour Bosch batteries. This 2017 upgrade is a huge game changer. You can go further, faster and spend less time charging up. The upgrade is available on all Bosch systems, and it is well worth the purchase. Let’s take a look at some of the upgrades in our 500 Watt Hour Bosch Battery review.

First and foremost, this battery is going to get you 75+ miles in the lowest mode of assist. In turbo, you’re getting 25 miles. This is a huge improvement on the 400 watt hour battery. So whether you want to conquer bigger hills or get to where you’re going faster, this 500 watt hour Bosch battery is the way to go. The voltage on these is 36v means you get some solid power, but you also are saving power and prolonging battery life.

The 500 watt hour battery is also pretty lightweight. Most of the batteries weigh in at right around 6-7 pounds depending on which motor line you are looking at. This helps in increasing the battery life and decreases wear on the bike itself.

I upgraded a few of our bikes to the 500 watt battery, and the difference is immediately noticeable. It is truly amazing how infrequently you need to charge these with normal commuting. I would recommend this to anybody looking to take their bike further. If you already have the 400 watt hour battery pack, this is a great option for more than doubling your ride.

To purchase the battery pack follow this link: 500 watt hour Bosch Battery.

Happy riding! 


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