Review of the new 2016 IZIP E3 Path Plus

Review of the new 2016 IZIP E3 Path Plus

Hey all, Jerit here from San diego Fly Rides! This will be one of the many upcoming posts I'll write about discussing my experiences with some new electric bikes our shop has to offer. As part of our business model of being a tour and rental company, we utilize these electric bikes by going up hills and mountains on a day to day basis. All reviews will be unbiased and be given from my perspective as both a commuter and a tour guide. My first post here will be about the 2016 IZIP E3 Path Plus. As our fleet had just added this bike to its tour, I'm very excited as the 2015 model of this bike was a great build. 

The 2016 IZIP E3 Path Plus is a very smooth ride overall. Though it isn't mountain bike or a commuter bike, this bike is very sturdy and still powerful to get you up some sizeable hills with its 9 gears. I recently rode this up to Mount Soledad here in La Jolla, San Diego. At a vertical grade of about 15% and a climb of over 850 feet, this bike was able to easily perform to get me to the very top in no time. Equipped with a 250W motor made by Shimano - yes, Shimano - it carries enough tourque to seamlessly get you up on those hills. Not as powerful as a 500W motor like some others in its class like a Zuma, but it does have a very adequate CenterDrive motor. The Shimano Step system is pretty new to the market but the name Shimano obviously holds plenty of credibility. They've made the motor on this very intelligent with its pedal assist, making it easy and a natural feel. Its also not too heavy and one of the lightest systems on  the market. It features a walk mode as well so it's easy to "walk" with your bike as well if needed. Top speed with this one is about 20mph, fairly very fast for an upright seated bike. The range on this is very economical - the Shimano site says roughly around 75 miles on the lowest level but I'd say 40 miles to be conservative considering multiple elevation gains and terrain changes - no one rides just flat! One of the best parts of the bike - the brakes are hydraulic! Much smoother and very responsive. Coming down from that hill gets very windy and there wasn't any part of it where I thought the bike wasn't capable of handling the turns with its 700x38 tires nor did I have to worry about getting dirty with its already pre-installed fenders. Speaking of fenders and a kit, an amazing add-on would be a light set which is optional as you can add that to the front and back. And to the back where the battery cage sits is a rear rack post - capable of carrying parriers as well. This time around I carried my tour guide kit, a couple of jackets, some 2 to 3 water bottles and a heavy duty bike lock and the bike had no problem transporting that even with all that weight added.



The bike comes in 2 different models, whether a low step or standard frame and in 3 different sizes as a small, medium and a large. The bike is perfect whether you just want to stroll to the beach maybe with your added surfboard rack or even to bring home some groceries. We all know how gas could be pretty expensive especially with stop and go traffic so why waste money when you could have a bike that could help you save that. Charging up these batteries are so easy too as they can be pulled just right out of the back. Took me about 4 to 5 hours to fully charge it and that will get me about 30 miles of riding even when putting up the assistance levels and going up some sizable hills. The 36V battery powers the LCD display at the front as well as the light-kit if you decide to add it. 


Overall, I'm very happy with this bike - even the cream finish makes it a nice unisex color for both males and females. Very glad that it's been added to our tours here at San Diego Fly Rides and can't wait to get back out there to ride! Check out our video blog as below and you can see the bike in better angles as well as a review right from SD Fly Ride owner, Ike! Well, that's it for today, I'll talk to you guys next week about the new 2016 IZIP E3 Dash! 28MPH of pure speed!


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