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Fantic eMTB Bikes


In the Fantic E-MTB bicycles, a mix of historic Italian factory and German technology, you can found the best possible components and solution for all your necessity.
The motor 
comes from Brose, suppliers of electric motors to the biggest automobile makers in Europe. The batteries are from the German company, BMZwhich is the market leader in its segment, the forks are Rock Shox and the SRAM drivetrain leads the way in terms of innovation.
Designed for outdoor activities, this bicycles lets you tackle even the hardest terrain and reach places not everyone can. It can transform adventure into pure emotion.


Fantic E-Road and E-Urban, the most versatile electric bikes on the market, makes it comparable to those of a “sport-bike”, but in the City environment it turns into a tireless millstone miles without the anxiety of ending the supply of electricity.
They differ for a contemporary look such as the New PASSO GIAU or that keeps an eye on the past with the Seven Days models, embellished with structural elements that allow them to be aesthetically distinct and reinforce them to overcome the thousands of traps of traffic and road.

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