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Important info on your bike purchase

Thanks so much for purchasing an ebike with Fly Rides, and welcome to the Fly Rider Club!!

Return Policy:  

Returns are accepted within 7 days of purchase, minus a $300 restocking fee if the bike has less than 10 miles on it and it is in excellent condition.  For ebikes outside of the 7 day window we do offer trade in's as an option. 

If you ordered a bike that we have in stock:

We’re getting it ready for you! We’re currently in the process of saying a tearful goodbye to your bike, but really they’re tears of joy since we know we’ve found it a loving home. We want to make sure she arrives looking like the bike of your dreams, so we’re doing a rigorous inspection before we pack her up nice and cozy for the trip to your doorstep! If it’s not at our shop, we’ll have it shipped from our local warehouse. It will ship out in 5-8 business days. We are working hard to get it to you ASAP!

If you placed a pre-order:


Deposits are not refundable, but if you do change your mind for any reason, just let us know before the bike ships to us.  Then we can transfer the deposit to any other bike.


Please confirm that the size you’ve ordered is correct.  Check out this blog post on how to determine the best size for you, and if you are not sure, you can go into any bike shop to find out what size frame you need.  Note that the sizes are different for mountain bikes and road bikes.  If you order the wrong size, you can exchange it but you’ll have to take care of the shipping and the $250 restocking fee.


If you've ordered a bike that we don't have in stock in our local warehouse, know the we'e ordered your bike to come as soon as possible. It will be given preferential treatment, because you (and we) are special! Unfortunately, we are not the manufacturer, and we cannot control exactly when the bike arrives. Delivery estimates are just that!! You can rest assured that we are eagerly anticipating the delivery, and will send it on to you as soon as humanly possible. We’ll let you know when your bike has left our warm embrace and is on the way.

In the meantime, hit the Fly Rides Store to check out pictures of your beauty and imagine all the fun things you two are going to do together. If you want to add any accessories to customize your new ride you can peruse the options online, or reach out to us via email at


Once you have your bike:

We hope that you have so many hours of fun on your new bike, you have a hard time doing anything else! Remember that we are a full eBike service shop, and our tech gurus can help you keep your bike healthy and happy.

Request a local or mobile service appointment 

Keep us posted on how you like your new electric bike, and come on back if you decide two bikes are better than one!