Join the Fly Rides Team!


Join the Fly Rides Team! 

We started Fly Rides because in our experience, exploring the world from the saddle of a bicycle is hands-down the best way to see, smell, and feel the world outside. Why eBikes? We believe biking should be for everyone, not just those who are lucky enough to have the time and high level of fitness necessary to explore on an acoustic bike.

Everyday, we're grateful for the opportunity to turn on another customer to eBiking or to help them upgrade their current steed to a fresh new one!  We strive to create a relationship with our customers and curate an environment that  leaves them in love with their new eBike and makes them feel a part of the family.

Whether we're helping customers choose their next eBike, getting customers trained up for a tour or out on a rental, or getting their bike in for service so it feels new again, we all work hard as a team to make sure the experience at Fly Rides leaves a smile on their face.  We want them so stoked on the experience that share their Fly Rides love with family and friends.

 Good Rides, Good Vibes, Everyday at Fly Rides!

Are you interested in being a part of the fam and helping our customers have the best experience possible?  We'd love to have you join the team!  We're always looking for A-game players that can work remotely from their home or in our shops in San Diego and Los Angeles.

Currently, we're hiring remote sales staff to assist customers in finding the perfect bike, as well as a remote receptionist to help answer calls, take reservations, and route callers to the best team member to help them.  If you're interested in either position, please fill out the relevant form below to let us know more about you.