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Los Angeles Electric Mountain Bike Rentals

Get the best full suspension e-mountain bike rentals in Los Angeles! 

At LA Fly Rides you can rent top of the line eMTBs for just 2 hrs or at a discounted daily rate.
Best of all, when you decide it's just too fun and you CANNOT live without an e-mountain bike, a portion of your rental goes toward purchase!

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  • Range:  Our electric mountain bikes are fitted with large batteries and can usually last a full day, depending on load, terrain, and rider input. That said, if you ride lots of uphills in turbo mode, you may be limited to 30 miles of range.
  • Operation: We rent Class 1 / pedal assist eMTBs (no throttles), meaning the motor engages when you pedal.  It feels very natural, like it's you, but with superpowers!  We like to dial up the motor power on the steep hills and when our legs are finally getting noodly, but keep in mind that riding in the higher assist levels uses more battery.
  • Included: Top of the line eMTB in your size, with the suspension tuned to your weight, and a fully charged battery.  Helmets available to borrow.  Overnight rentals come with a charger.

Mondraker Level R

Retails for $8499
Fox 38 fork with 180mm of travel
Bosch 750 Wh battery