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Fly Rides is committed to providing expert warranty and service support on eBikes equipped with these systems:



Basic Tune Up

  • Safety Check
  • Torque all bolts to spec
  • Inspect, align & adjust brakes
  • Align, adjust, & lubricate drivetrain
  • Inspect & adjust headset
  • Inspect motor mounts
  • Basic wheel true
  • Software update
  • Bike wash

Comprehensive Tune Up

This includes everything in the Basic Tune Up, plus:

  • Remove and deep clean all drivetrain components
  • Brake line flush
  • 15 min refitting

Accessory Installation
$30 / 15 minutes

Bought a part and don't know how to put it on?  We will get your item installed safely and securely. 

  • $30/15 minute minimum charge
  • Charged in 15 minute increments

Derailleur Indexing

If your bike isn't shifting correctly, this is the service for you. 

  • Skipping gears? 
  • Not as smooth as it was when it was new? 

Let us help!

Comprehensive Safety Check

Safety first.  Book now and we'll: 

  • Check your motor mounts and general torques
  • Inspect your drive train and brakes
  • Dial in the PSI of your shock, fork, and tires
  • Much more!

Tubeless Conversion
1 Tire $65 | 2 Tires $125

Going tubeless means better traction and fewer flats!  Because you don't have to worry about pinch flats, you can run tubeless tires at a much lower air pressure than tubed tires.

  • Rim tape
  • Sealant
  • Valves

Note: This is only available for tubeless ready rims and tires. If your bike didn't come with them, ask about an upgrade!

Troubleshooting / Labor
$30 / 15 minutes

Our expert service team members have seen everything that can go wrong with an electric bicycle.  We'll track down the issues and get you back in the saddle!

  • $30/15 minute minimum charge
  • Charged in 15 minute increments

Bike Build

Let us build your eBike!

  • Available for eBikes with the 4 motor systems we carry (Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, and Brose)
  • Includes a full safety check and quality assurance inspection

Box a Bike

Nobody wants to receive a dirty bike, and if packaged incorrectly, they can be damaged during shipping!
Service includes:

  • Basic tune up
  • Cleaning
  • Disassembly
  • Professional packaging for shipment


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