Christmas Gift Card

Give the gift everyone loves...  

A Christmas Gift Card! 

Everyone wants an ebike but sometimes it can be difficult to pick one out for a loved one or friend. For the holiday season Fly Rides is giving you the opportunity to not only let them choose but also to save money on the purchase. When you buy a $300 gift card we will credit your sale an extra $300 as well! Basically, buy $300 and get $600! 

Terms and conditions:

1. Gift card must be purchased online before the purchase of the ebike. Gift card promotion expires Jan 31 2022. $300 will remain as a deposit but extra $300 will be void (unless you are purchasing a bike out of stock and not available yet and you have applied your gift card to the bike).

2. Extra $300 bike credit ONLY applies to ebikes over $3000. Bikes priced under $3000 will receive $150 in credit toward their sale. Can be used on accessories as well.

3. Not all brands are included in this promotion. IF your brand does not allow for additional discounts (i.e Gazelle & Riese and Muller) you will be given a a free gift of equal value. 

4. Cannot be combined with any other sales or promotions unless cleared through a sales representative.

4. NOT retroactive for bikes already on deposit OR previous sales. 


Non refundable, fully transferable.
Happy Holidays!

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