eBike Delayed? We'll Cover Your Deposit!

Collection: eBike Delayed? We'll Cover Your Deposit!

Have a deposit elsewhere?

Trek saying "eta Spring"?
Canyon saying "eta Spring"?
YT saying "eta April"?

Keep getting the run around but want to ride?

Sick of Constant delays?
If your bike is getting delay after delay and the (no end in sight) component shortages are killing your ability to ride, then Fly Rides has your solution. Fly Rides has over 200 eMTB's in stock from entry level eMTBs to high end fully Fox'd out nduro bikes and we want riders on trails NOW. If you have a deposit elsewhere then email Sales@flyridesusa.com your deposit receipt and we will give you the closest matching option that is in stock and credit your account the amount of your deposit for a purchase of one of our ebikes. If your deposit was refundable? Great news, then you get a discount, an in stock emtb, and then money back from the other brand/dealer!
Don't miss out on riding and don't count on "loose" eta's. (What if it is delayed past spring?). Buy now, ride now. 
See the collection below for our best selling emtb's IN STOCK NOW:

**Deposit reimbursement up to $400**

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