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Gravel Electric Bikes

What is Better - Gravel or Hybrid E-Bike?

Gravel bikes are super versatile and gravel e-bikes are no exception! This is a bike you can use for commuting, performance training, backpacking, and, of course, gravel. Plus, with a motor, you’ll be able to go further with less stress. 

  • The main difference between a lightweight road hybrid ebike and a gravel bike is what kind of terrain they can conquer. It might not be as hardcore as an eMTB, but a good gravel e-bike will be able to take on much rougher road. A hybrid road ebike tends to have a more upright position for the rider. 
  • A gravel e-bike combines the look of a road bike with the performance of an off-road bike, stylish no matter where you’re riding.    
  • A gravel bike lets you have one bike for any situation. Rather than needing a specific bike for the trails and another for commuting (which can get expensive!) a gravel bike can do it all! 

Are E-Bikes Good On Gravel?

Motors and gravel seem like they could be a dicey combination. But a good eBike can be just as good on gravel - if not better - than an acoustic bike. 

  • Gravel e-bikes are more just fun with other bikes. And the boost from the motor means that you can go on faster, longer adventures. 
  • You’ll want to run the big tires. A ebike is heavier than your standard gravel bike and that means it’s harder to avoid bumps. The motor can compensate for the extra weight and wider tires will make you feel more stable. 
  • Should you just get a mountain bike? I mean, I guess? But unless you plan to tackle tons of techy trails you’ll want the additional hand positions you get from drop bars, and the light weight simplicity of a gravel bike. 

How Do I Choose a Gravel E-Bike?

Of course there are some features specific to gravel e-bikes that you’ll want to consider, but for the most part picking a gravel e-bike is like picking anyone other bike: you’ll want to think about motor type and placement, battery size and range, what kind of riding you’ll, and, of course, your budget. 

  • The best gravel e-bikes typically a mid-drive motor and a lightweight fork and frame, so you can reach higher speeds. 
  • You’ll want to be sure you have good hydraulic disc breaks and that the geometry of the frame and handlebards give you some aerodynamics without killing your back. 
  • Tubeless-ready wheels will give you extra grip and let you bend around sharp corners. 
  • And you’ll want a battery that lasts for your whole adventure - and is easy to charge before the next one. 

Why Fly Rides Loves Electric Gravel Bikes

Sometimes you just want to get away from the traffic or discover some new routes. The exciting new genre of gravel has a lot to offer to riders of all kinds. Gravel e-bikes offer wider tires, a more open geometry, and features like dropper seat posts so you can experience a smoother ride in the dirt or on the road. These exciting bikes offer a ton of fun and adventure, wherever you choose to go.