Cube bikes offer incredible German electric bike engineering in a variety of packages, whether you're looking for a Cube eMTB or a Cube electric cruiser, these Bosch eBikes have you covered. Cube USA works with only the best dealers, and Fly Rides is proud to be one of them! Each Cube electric bike undergoes a rigorous development process and only the best make it to market. These Bosch motors and Cube bike builds have Fly Rides stoked!

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Why We Love Cube Electric Bikes

A Cube eBike offers a lot. With Bosch Active Line, Bosch Performance CX, and Bosch Performance Line Speed motors, these bikes pack a refined and reliable punch. A Bosch mid drive motor has become an industry staple and pairs very well with Cube bikes. The Bosch Performance CX is most frequently paired with Cube eMTBs so that hills and mountains can be flattened. The Bosch Active Line motor offers a leisurely electric bike commute. And the Class 3 Bosch Performance Line Speed will get you where you need to go in a flash. 

Cube has moved their award winning mountain bikes--like the Cube Stereo line--into the world of eMTBs with the Cube Stereo Hybrid. The Cube Stereo Hybrid line have been ahead of their class since their inception by always offering a completely integrated Bosch Powerpack 500 or Bosch Powerpack 400: they're ahead of the game. 

What's New With Cube eBikes?

Bosch Generation 4

The Bosch Performance Gen 4 motors are on this year's Cube bikes. Coming in nearly half the size of the Bosch Generation 2 and 3, these are some of the best eBike motors available. The Bosch Gen 4 motors are also 25% lighter and decouple better than ever before. This means it's as easy to climb as it is to descend, and that when you're descending you won't be held back by any motor drag.

Bosch Powertube 625 WH

New motors aren't the only Bosch eBike update. You'll also get an electric bike with an integrated battery thanks to the Bosch Powertube 625. That's a 20% increase over the previous Bosch eBike batteries. Cube has managed to make this transition seamless and comfortable without drastic changes to their well designed eMTB geometry. But the Bosch Powertube 625 isn't just featured on Cube electric mountain bikes, they'll also come on some commuting eBikes as well. Don't compromise on speed or range!

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