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Frequently Asked Questions

Cube Electric Bikes

Who Makes Cube eBikes?

Looking for German performance in your electric mountain bike? Look no further than Cube. 

  • CUBE was founded in 1993 in Waldershof, Bavaria by Marcus Puerner. They started by importing a small number of bikes in Germany, but they quickly grew to designing and building some of the best bikes in the world. 
  • Cube eBikes offer incredible full suspension and hardtail options worthy of the stoke we know you bring to every ride. 
  • Want to commute? Cube’s got you covered there too. Cube covers the full spectrum of electric bicycles and does it all with incredible builds powered by the always reliable Bosch motor. 
  • This brand prides itself on unique, high-quality bike builds in all categories of electric bicycles. If you want a Cube bike, there’s one for you no matter if you shred hard or cruise easy.

Is Cube a Good eBike?

Cube carries e-bikes of all kinds. But when it comes to eMTBs, their roots as mountain bike specialists really shine through. Cube’s eMTBs are their stand-out offering. 

  • The brand has an impressive line of 20 different e-bike models. And each one offers high-end technology and advanced components, while still being cost-effective. 
  • Cube knows what hardcore e-bikes are looking for and banks on the nuances that make a great eMTB rather than customizability. They also offer comprehensive warranties tailored to cyclists who ride hard. 
  • Cube focuses on geometry and light weight to ensure riding comfort and nimbleness even in the roughest terrain. Add in Magura MT Thirty hydraulic disk brakes and the Fox 32 Float Performance fork  to keep weight down and handling up.

Are Cube eBikes a Good Value?

Cube bikes may be less expensive than similar bikes in other brands, but they don’t skimp on reliability, quality, or durability. 

  • Their budget-friendly cost and high quality components also mean that these bikes hold their value over time. More expensive brands depreciate more quickly. Top notch components also add value.  
  • Cube puts every bike through intense quality control to ensure their bikes are just as durable as more expensive brands. 
  • Through rigorous testing, warranty, and crash replacement schemes, Cube aims for each bike to last over 20 years to ensure you get a quality bike. 
  • Cube is also eco-concious. They are constantly innovating their manufacturing methods and products to reduce their environmental impact. 

What is the Range of a Cube eBike?

Cube e-bikes are built to take you farther than you could bike without pedal assist. But just how far will a Cube e-bike go? 

  • The distance you can travel on an e-bike varies based on a wide range of factors including the weight of the rider, the steepness of the climb, and even things like the air temperature and pedalling style, even with batteries of the same size. 
  • Obviously the biggest factor in range is the size of the battery. Cube 
  • Cube e-bikes come equipped with batteries ranging from 750 to 625 watt batteries. 
  • On average, these bikes will take you 30 - 50 miles on a full charge.

Which Cube Electric Bike Should I Choose?

Without a doubt, the most popular of Cube's eMTBs is the Cube Stereo Hybrid. 

  • With 160 and 140 Millimeters of plush travel, these mountain bikes set a very high bar. 
  • You can choose between the Stereo Hybrid 140, if you're searching for flowy, cross country singletrack, and the 160 for those looking for a bit more enduro intensity on their rides. 
  • These bikes are set up immaculately when it comes to everything from wheel size to geometry to top-of-the-line specs like the Fox Float Factory fork on the highest-end models. 
  • There are excellent options in the 160 and 140 for every level of rider from beginner to shredmaster general. 
  • And of course, all of these bikes are powered by the Bosch Performance CX motor for speeds up to 20 mph and enough power to catapult you up any incline you encounter. 
  • Don’t need all that suspension? No worries! Check out the Reaction Hybrid series to ride one of the best Hardtail electric mountain bikes in the game.




Why We Love Cube Electric Bikes

From the daily commute on the Kathmandu Hybrid to the hardcore enduro capabilities on the Actionteam, Cube bikes never disappoint. 

  • You already know that we at Fly Rides curate a selection of only the best eBikes on the market, but with Cube that work was done for us. 
  • These eBikes come straight from the factory in Germany to the USA ready to crush whatever trail, road, or bike lane you want to ride. 
  • Cube offers the attention to detail of a boutique brand, but with a selection that ensures you can ride a Cube electric bike no matter what type of rider you are. 
  • Check out the full collection and connect with our electric bike experts to grab a Cube eBike today!