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Road & Commuter Electric Bikes

Are E-Bikes Good for Commuting?

Commuting by e-bike is awesome. If you have been wanting to commute by bike but are worried about showing up at work too sweaty and exhausted to do your job, an electric commuter bike could be the answer you're looking for: 

  • Peddle-assist means that you can go farther, faster with less sweating and less effort.
  • An electric bike might even shorten your commute, since you’ll be able to leave traffic jams or parking garages. Just be sure you’re following all traffic laws. 
  • Plus you’re spending time outside and getting exercise, just like you would on a traditional bike. 
  • Save on high fuel costs and cut down on your carbon footprint

What’s the Difference Between Commuter and Road E-Bikes?

Both commuter e-bikes and road-ebikes are built to be ridden on, well, roads, instead of trails. While they can be used interchangeably in some contexts, there are some key differences. 

  • A good electric commuter bike will be optimized for traveling through cities and may include features like wider tires for stability, a sturdy frame, and racks for cargo.  
  • Road bikes are designed for speed, which is ideal for racing. A road bike is lightweight, has more gears, and has dropped handlebars which put you in an aerodynamic position. 
  • Because an electric commuter bike is much heavier (and slower) than a road bike, you can commute by road bike but you wouldn’t want to race on a commuter - except maybe to work when you’re running late!
  • If you’re hoping to use one bike for both, you’ll want a road bike but if you know you’ll need to lug a lot of cargo, a commuter will suit you better. 

What Should I Look For in a Commuter or Road E-Bike?

A lot of what you should look for in a commuter or road ebike is the same as any other bike. You’ll want to think about motor type and placement, battery size and range, what kind of riding you’ll do, and, of course, your budget. 

  • If you’re commuting, you’ll need a battery that can last at least the length of the commute to work and back on a single charge, with maybe a buffer for a quick errand. 
  • And if you’ll be spending about 30 miles a day on this bike (the average commute in the US) you’ll want a bike that is comfortable, well-balanced, and that you can pedal without pain. A good fit is key! 
  • Also, think about what extras you’ll need: will the bike help you navigate? Do you need storage to carry groceries? Good lights are essential, especially if you’ll be biking in the dark in the early morning or late evening. 
  • On the other hand, if you’re looking for a road bike for racing, your priority is speed: this means lightweight, good aerodynamics in the bike’s geometry, and a strong mid-drive motor. 

Why Fly Rides Loves Road & Commuter Bikes

Looking for an eBike to make your commute fun, and get some exercise instead of getting stressed by a last-minute delay? Do you love the feeling of going faster than a traffic jam on your Class 3 eBike? Or maybe the public transportation in your area doesn't keep the same hours as you, and you need a reliable and comfortable wave frame eBike to get to work on time. Fly Rides has got you covered with a full selection of eBikes for road riding, city riding, and commuting. Get to work feeling relaxed and ready to rock!