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Mondraker's Forward Geometry has proven to provide an eMTB with unique riding benefits, stellar performance, efficiency and control. 

Increased safety on steep chutes

Front center is longer, the front axle is more advanced compared to a regular-standard-average geometry increasing the stability and preventing going over the handlebars in technical and steep terrain, with added safety and more confidence-inspiring riding due to a slacker angle perception.

Confidence at high speeds

The longer wheelbase increases bike stability whatever the terrain.

Direct steering

The combination with our proprietary FG30 stem improves the steering precision making a very responsive handling.

Uphill precision

The longer front center keeps the front wheel planted with the ground avoiding unwanted wheelies, allowing you to ride very steep climbs easier.

Stability in technical and difficult areas

FG sets an improved weight balance between the front and rear wheel providing more stability in technical and rough terrain with better grip and improved control overall.


Mondraker's Zero Suspension System is designed, set up and optimized for the best pedaling efficiency and biggest hit capability.  

Zero power loss

High pedaling efficiency. The power applied to pedals is transformed to immediate forward motion without any extra compression or extension of the rear shock.

Zero pedal kickback

Chain length growth throughout the suspension travel is minimum, so pedaling is as effective and efficient as possible.

Zero brake jack

Rear brake forces do not work against suspension forces. The rear shock works supple and freely and absorb impacts without any suspension stiffening caused for the rear brake action.

Zero bump

The most remarkable feature of the system is its excellent suppleness on rough terrain and a completely stable ride when pedaling.


Mondraker's eBike Optimized Zero Kinematics Suspension System... Specifically designed for the task.

More neutral rear suspension

Less chain growth and no brake jack.

More stable virtual pivot point trajectory

Kinematic optimization that keeps the trajectory of the virtual pivot point more stable throughout the total rear suspension travel.

Increased initial suppleness and more progressiveness

More sensitive and supple beginning stroke that improves traction and comfort, as well as a greater overall progressivity that allows a firmer and a more stable ride while climbing, with the perfect use of all the suspension travel in the descents avoiding unwanted bottom outs; a must-have on any e-MTB bike according to its heavier weight.


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