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Yamaha Electric Bikes

Where Are Yamaha Bicycles Made?

Yamaha has been motorized since the beginning. Unlike many bike brands, which began manufacturing acoustic bikes before expanding into e-bikes. The Yamaha  Motor Company has been manufacturing motorcycles in Japan since 1955. 

  • In fact, they’ve been in operation since 1886, making them one of the oldest companies still operating in the world. 
  • In 1989, Yamaha created the first-ever prototype for a pedal-assist electric bicycle (see image below). It continues to be a pioneer in e-bike technology, manufacturing their own high-quality bikes and providing other bike brands with some of the best e-bike motors in the business.  
  • In 2016, after the release of their YPJ-C model in Japan, Yamaha reached 2 million bicycles sold in Japan and around the world world.
  • Yamaha is headquartered in Shizuoka, Japan, where it has operated from day one. However, Yamaha is truly an international brand, with factories all over the globe. 

Are Yamaha ebikes Any Good?

Yamaha Bicycles is not only one of Japan’s most recognizable motor brands but one of Japan’s best representatives on the global stage of e-bike manufacturing. 

  • Anything Japan-made already has a connotation of high-quality and Yamaha’s e-bikes certainly has earned it. 
  • Their models may be more expensive, but that’s because they are superior in terms of incorporated tech, battery life, comfort, and smooth motor assistance. 
  • This brand offers high-performance bikes in the road, mountain, and gravel categories, with up to six top-notch models available. 
  • With options like that, any rider is sure to find a high-quality bike that suits their riding style. 

Does Yamaha Make Mountain Bikes?

While Yamaha has been in the e-bike game as long as there’s been an e-bike game, they didn’t dive into eMTBs until 2020 with the YDX Moro and Moro Pro. They might be the new kids on the eMTB block, but these aggressive bikes are not to be underestimated.

  • Both the YDX Moro and Moro Pro come equipped with the sleek new PW-X drive system and PW-X2 control switch that maintains the ergonomic and tactile feel found on other Yamaha e-bikes while adding a push assist button. 
  • The Dual-Twin frame might sound redundant, but combining hydroforming and forging techniques, to provide precise handling, protection and a low center of gravity full suspension frame is anything but overkill.
  • Yamaha now also offers the YDX Torc, a 27.5 hardtail mountain bike powered by the all-new PW-X Drive System. 

Are Yamaha E-Bike Motors Reliable?

If you told us that Yamaha meant “reliable" in Japanese we would absolutely believe you. (Actually, it means mountain blade, how sick is that?!). Yamaha is practically synonymous with reliability. 

  • While some brands dive deep into one kind of product (say…eMTBs), Yamaha has taken the plunge on motors. They are one of the top-selling motor brands not only for e-bikes but also for motorcycles, boats, cars, helicopters, and even wheelchairs. This intense focus means that they know motors inside and out and can guarantee a high-quality and reliable product.
  • They’ve been THE major player in the small engine sector for more than 65 years. That should make anyone feel comfortable on a bike powered by a Yamaha motor. 
  • Not only are Yamaha motors strong at low cadences and have excellent climbing assist (so steep hills will never cause you problems), they are specifically designed so that you won’t lose power at high cadences. 

Why We Love Yamaha Electric Bikes

The Yamaha electric bike lineup combines an incredibly reliable, powerful, and smooth eBike system with high-quality builds that allow you to tackle epic days in the saddle mountain biking or getting you around town.  

  • For eMTB riders, you can choose from the YDX Torc, the YDX Moro, and YDX Moro Pro.  
  • As a kid, it was all about cotton candy, the giant lollipop, and taffy. Now, the stickiness you crave is for more traction on the trail. The low center of gravity and always-active suspension of the YDX-MORO will keep your tread firmly planted corner after corner after corner. 
  • The emotional connection between rider and bike is only as strong as the physical connection between the bike and the ground. Travel when you need it. Power when you want it. Technology when you like it.
  • With a suspension that is optimized to evenly spread grip between the front and rear of the bike for greater traction on the trail and a buttery smooth feel when riding over anything that trails can throw at you, all-mountain has become every-mountain.