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Frequently Asked Questions

Orbea Electric Bikes

Is Orbea a Good eBike Brand?

Orbea is the manufacturer of some of the best electric mountain bikes in the world. Their brand is focused on kinematics and rider experience. Plus, they’ve developed some of the best lightweight eMTBS in the world.

  • Orbea’s e-bikes are backed by the brand’s extensive knowledge and storied history as a traditional bike manufacturer. 
  • The world’s top cyclists have put Orbea bikes to the test, competing in - and winning! - in world tours, the Tour de France, and the Olympics on Orbea bikes.
  • Orbea is laser-focused on innovation: their bikes feature new technologies like monocoque carbon, director cable routing, and 4x4 frame design. 
  • The quality of these bikes is undeniable. Orbea powers its e-bikes with some of the best motors in the industry like Bosch and Shimano. 

How Much is an Orbea eBike?

Our Orbea e-bikes range from $5,600 to $11,600, so these bikes hit the sweet spot for quality and value. And if your budget is limited, even the cheaper models get you high-quality electronics, dependable components, and a stylish look. 

Which is Better, Orbea or Trek?

Orbea and Trek might be two of the most innovative bike brands available and both are top choices for pro cyclists. 

  • Both brands take a “less is more" approach to power, offering a more natural riding experience and an extra boost so that you can go farther and ride longer.
  • Orbea offers a huge range of customization, which isn’t available on Trek bikes.
  • Looks aren’t everything, but Trek bikes have pretty thoroughly saturated American bike shops. An Orbea bike will make you stand out!  

Where Are Orbea Bikes From?

Orbea is located in Northern Spain’s Basque country, where you can bike all the way from the mountains to the sea. Strong cultural traditions, unique cuisine, and a love of cycling are all part of the Basque identity. 

  • Orbea is proud of its Basque heritage and has a long tradition of sponsoring Basque pro-cyclists like the iconic Euskaltel Euskadi team. 
  • Orbea manufactures and assembles all its bikes at its factory in Mallabia. This lets the brand keep a close eye on the quality of each bike they produce. 
  • Orbea is part of the Mondragon, a federation of worker-owned cooperatives. Supporting the community is a big focus for the brand. 

Why We Love Orbea Electric Bikes

We couldn't be more stoked to be bringing you the Orbea eMTB Line up.  Orbea is stepping into the eMTB scene in a big way here in the U.S. finally and we know they will become one of the most popular eMTB's.  They've already converted a number of die-hard riders on our team. 

  • The Wild FS is just a superbly build eMTB and really hits the sweet spot for quality and value. Equipped with the Bosch Gen4 Performance CX Cruise motor and a 625WH battery (extra range extender available) and 160mm of travel this eMTB leaves you wanting nothing but dirt to stomp. 
  • The Orbea Rise eMTB just might become the gold standard for the lightweight eMTB category.  Equipped with the exclusively Orbea tuned Shimano EP8 motor, 360WH battery (range extender available here too), and a build set that leaves nothing to be desired, the Orbea Rise just might be one of the most thoughtfully designed eMTB's available.   
  • One of the best things about Orbea is that they let you customize almost all of their bikes, so you end up with a bicycle that is unique and your own. If you're planning on taking advantage of this feature it is best to talk with an electric bike expert so that they can tell you how this might delay or change your bike. Give one of our eBike Specialists a call to discuss.