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Orbea Electric Mountain Bikes

We couldn't be more stoked to be bringing on the Orbea eMTB Line up.  Orbea is stepping into the eMTB scene in a big way here in the U.S. finally and we know they will become one of the most popular eMTB's.  They've already converted a number of die hard riders on our team. 


Why the Wild FS Electric mountain bike?  

The Wild FS is just a superbly build eMTB and really hits the sweet spot for quality and value. Equipped with the Bosch Gen4 Performance CX Cruise motor and a 625WH battery (extra range extender available) and 160mm of travel this eMTB leaves you wanting nothing but dirt to stomp.  Riding the wildflow you know you've got the confidence for tackling technical and epic days in the saddle.  


Orbea Wilf Flow eMTB 


Why the Orbea Rise Electric Mountain Bike?

First off, because it's light as a feather.  Ok, well maybe not as light as a feather but in terms of eMTB's this bike is light, 39.6lbs to be exact!  This eMTB just might become the gold standard for the lightweight eMTB category. Equipped with the exclusively Orbea tuned Shimano EP8 motor, 360WH battery (ranger extender available here too) and a build set that leaves nothing to be desired, the Orbea Rise just might be one of the most thoughtfully designed eMTB's available.   

 Orbea Rise eMTB