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Leisure Electric Bikes

Which E-bike is the Most Comfortable?

As the name suggests, leisure bikes are for riders who are looking for a comfortable bike that rides easily so that they can enjoy the outdoors while getting some exercise. 

  • These bikes prioritize comfort and let the rider sit in a more relaxed upright position, unlike a more crouched position which can cause aches and pains. 
  • A-frame with a tall head post lets the rider sit upright and taller in the seat. This ergonomic design reduces the risk of injury and is more comfortable for those with injuries. 
  • The most comfortable use front suspension forks, wider padded saddles, and angled handlebars which makes steering easy. Some also use sprung saddles or saddles with suspension for an even comfier seat. 
  • These bikes are ideal for short errands or brief commutes, leisurely rides along the beach or through parks, and low-impact exercise. 

How Can I Make My E-bike More Comfortable?

Especially if you are riding primarily for leisure, comfort is key! But on any e-bike, the right fit and some key adjustments can help you ride pain-free and reduce injuries.

  • Choose a bike that is the right size for your height and weight. While some adjustments can be made to seat and handlebar height, bikes that are too long or too short for your body will never fit well. 
  • If you’re shopping in person, take a brief test ride to see how your body feels on the bike.
  • Think about how you prefer to mount the bike. Step-over and step-through frames each have advantages but you’ll want a bike that you can get onto safely.
  • Find the right saddle type and height. If your seat is too high or too low, it can cause more than just discomfort. You’re potentially setting yourself up for injuries down the line.

Are E-Bikes Easier to Ride?

You’ll still get a good workout on your e-bike, but a big advantage of e-bikes is that it makes biking more accessible to people at all levels of fitness. 

  • Riding an e-bike lets you go farther, pedal faster, climb steeper hills, and ride more often than you can on a conventional bike. 
  • Peddle-assist means a motor takes the power created by your legs and boosts it. How fast you can take your eMTB is directly related to how hard you ride.
  • As many as half of e-bike purchases today didn’t consider themselves cyclists before they purchased an e-bike. Instead, they chose an e-bike to spend more time outside, spend time with friends who bike, reduce their carbon footprint, or exercise in an accessible and low-impact way. 

Why Fly Rides Loves Leisure Electric Bikes

Want to cruise in style down the boardwalk or around the neighborhood? Or maybe you just prefer to sit up straight and enjoy the ride- either way, these leisure-style eBikes will get you where you're going without sacrificing your effortless panache.