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Are Electric Mountain Bikes Lazy?

In short: heck no! These bikes are “pedal-assist" not “pedal-for-you." If you sit on an eMTB not moving a muscle, you’re not going anywhere. 

  • Instead, a motor takes the power created by your legs and boosts it. How fast you can take your eMTB is directly related to how hard you ride.
  • How you use that assist is up to you, but most use their eMTBs to ride most miles, climb bigger hills, and do more biking than they’d be able to on a standard bike.   
  • In short, riding an eMTB isn’t cheating unless you’re riding in a competition where they aren’t allowed. You can’t cheat at having fun, riding with your buds, and seeing more of nature.  

Is It Worth Buying an Electric Mountain Bike?