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Electric Mountain Bikes

Are Electric Mountain Bikes Lazy?

In short: heck no! These bikes are “pedal-assist" not “pedal-for-you." If you sit on an eMTB not moving a muscle, you’re not going anywhere. 

  • Instead, a motor takes the power created by your legs and boosts it. How fast you can take your eMTB is directly related to how hard you ride.
  • How you use that assist is up to you, but most use their eMTBs to ride most miles, climb bigger hills, and do more biking than they’d be able to on a standard bike.   
  • In short, riding an eMTB isn’t cheating unless you’re riding in a competition where they aren’t allowed. You can’t cheat at having fun, riding with your buds, and seeing more of nature.  

Is It Worth Buying an Electric Mountain Bike?

Just like analog mountain bikes, eMTBs come in a wide range of price points. Still, it’s broadly true that your average electric bike is going to be more expensive than your average non-electric bike. But for a little extra money, an eMTB is going to give you way more of everything else you love about biking. 

  • More speed. No matter how ripped you are, your legs are always going to be slower than your legs plus a motor. Riding an eMTB lets you go faster while expending less energy. This means greater thrills at high speeds, and also less time spent slogging up hills. 
  • More range. More speed means that you can travel farther in less time. If you can bike 10 miles on your standard mountain bike, you’ll be able to go 12 or 15 miles in the same amount of time. Or take on a taller summit, which brings us to…
  • More scenery. Maybe you could get to the top of that mountain on your standard bike, but when you get there you’re huffing and puffing and too tired to really take it in. Make no mistake, on an electric mountain bike you’re still putting in the work. But you’ll get to the top with the same sense of accomplishment and a little less winded so you can enjoy your surroundings. 

How Do I Choose an eMTB?

The eMTB market is booming, which is great for consumers because you have a lot of choices. But it can also be overwhelming, especially if you’re buying your first electric mountain bike. 

  • Durability: A eMTB is a big investment, one that you’ll want to make last. Especially if you’re planning to ride your bike hard, you want to prioritize a bike that can take a beating. You may want to spend more on components that bring durability and reliability. 
  • Aluminum or carbon frame? Usually, this question will be answered by your budget, as carbon frames can be hundred of dollars more expensive. A carbon frame can save some weight and offer a wider range of frame designs, but the benefits there are often more aesthetic than performance.
  • Full suspension or hardtail? The main difference here is whether the bike has suspension at the rear. (As the names suggest, full-suspension bikes do, hardtails don’t.) Hardtail bikes might be a little less expensive and easier to maintain, but unless you’re only riding on roads, you probably want full-suspension to keep you comfy on the trail.
  • Mid-drive or Hub motor? A hub motor is placed on the bike’s wheel, while a mid-drive motor sits closer to the center of the bike. The big advantage of a mid-drive motor is the gear ratio. A mid-drive motor lets the ride power the real wheel through the same chain and gears as the pedals, letting you climb steeper hills and accelerate from a stop without overheating.  

Why Fly Rides Loves Electric Mountain Bikes

Love to shred? eMTBs are the bikes for you. Fly Rides offers a full array of off-road eBikes, from full-suspension bikes with tons of travel for downhill, to enduro-style bikes, hardtail eMTBs, and everything in-between. Looking for a super-light carbon frame? Done. Looking for 75-90 Nm of torque, or a plushy fork? We've got you covered. These bikes will make you want to hit the dirt from dawn 'til dusk.