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Frequently Asked Questions

Niner Electric Bikes

Who Makes Niner eBikes?

If you haven’t already heard of Niner, they’re one of the rowdiest, wildest electric mountain bike brands on the market. Based out of Fort Collins, Colorado, with the Rockies as a backdrop, Niner has a passion for off-road bikes. 

  • Biking through the trails around LA, Founder Chris Sugai noticed he was passing other riders going both up and downhill on his 29-inch wheeled single-speed bike. Already a successful entrepreneur in other industries, Chris was inspired to start a bike company focused on mountain bikes with 29-inch wheels. 
  • While staying focused on their 29-inch off-road mountain bikes, Niner has expanded their product line to include electric mountain bikes too. In 2018, Niner announced that they were acquired by UWHK, an investment company who also owns the Huffy brand. Despite the acquisition, Niner bikes are still designed and produced in their Fort Collins headquarters. 

Are Niners Good Electric Bikes?

Niner Bikes makes top-class mountain bikes that can weather the roughest rides. Their motto is #ComittedToDirt and their eMTBs more than live up to it. Niner may be new to the e-bike market, but their innovative technology and dedication to their customers mean they are quickly catching up. 

  • Expanding into e-bikes hasn’t wavered their dedication to 29-inch wheels, they’ve just incorporated the latest e-bike technology. Those 29-inch wheels and fat tires can roll right over anything in their path, meaning these bikes are stead and responsive even in the most uneven terrain. 
  • These bike frames feature a sleek, ergonomic geometry that looks cool, but rides comfy. The frames are available in three sizes, so any rider can find the right fit. 
  • Niner uses top-notch components to keep their bikes robust. Reliable brands like SRAM, Shimano, Rockshox, and Bosche mean these bikes are just as durable as they are fun. 

What Does Niner RDO Stand For?

While cycling forums theorize that RDO could stand for anything from Rowdy Drunk Octogenarians to Riding Demon Orangutans, in actuality it stands for Race Day Optimized. But what exactly does that mean? 

  • It’s not a full bike name or even a line of bikes. It’s an acronym Niner uses for their carbon fiber bikes and high-performance components. And it’s not just for racing! 
  • Carbon fibers give you more strength, higher stiffness, and less weight.
  • To develop their RDO frames, Niner studies frame force inputs and load paths, to develop frame shapes that disperse energy throughout the frame, eliminating stress risers and hot spots.
  • While some bike brands would be satisfied just adding material to make a shape work, Niner knows that structural forms are key to maintaining stiffness and strength. They put in the extra work to get the right shape and a lighter weight frame.  

What Does Niner RLT Stand For?

Niner loves their acronyms. No RLT doesn’t mean Real Live Turtle or Red Letter Tuesday: it’s “Road Less Traveled". When Niner first put out this bike, gravel was something you avoided. Now we go out of our way to ride it. These bikes are designed to take you on any adventure. 

  • These bikes are equipped with a Bosch Performance Line Speed drive system and a 500wh battery that can take you farther for longer. 
  • Designed for durability, the RLT bikes use FEA modeling and extensive testing to create a carbon backbone structure that can withstand the roughest trail you can find. 
  • With custom, integrated racks, you can ride this bike to the grocery store or around the world. 

Why We Love Niner Electric Bikes

With in-house Niner engineering, best in class Bosch Performance Line drive systems, extended-range batteries, and durable, creative designs, these bikes dial up the fun factor to 11. 

  • If you’re looking for a bike with a reliable motor, big battery, and high-quality components, Niner is the bike brand for you. 
  • Sure, Niners are a little heavier than some super-light eMTBs, but looking at other full-powered enduro-style, the Niner is outside the industry standard. Plus, I appreciate that they are upfront about the weight, whereas many manufacturers don’t list it at all. These bikes are built tough for romping on the trail. Maybe just don’t lift it over your head? 
  • Despite the weight, and enduro/long travel set-up, this bike is a breeze to climb on. It grips onto the terrain and lets you do the same jump lines you might ride on another bike with just as much air and confidence.