Riese & Müller: The German Electric Bike Built to Your Specification

Finding the perfect eBike just got a lot easier thanks to Riese & Müller. This premium eBike brand has been on the cutting edge of the industry since their inception. They make finding an eBike easier because they build every single eBike to order. No more settling for electric bikes that are almost perfect. With Riese & Müller, you get perfect electric bicycles every time because they built yours just for you.

Control Technology, Carbon Belt Drives, Bosch eBike Systems

Nothing shows the commitment Riese & Müller has to building premium electric bikes like their design features and the components they use. Their full suspension bikes are not just set up with any old linkage system. They’re built with Riese & Müller’s patented Control Technology so that their bikes can do what they do best: keep you comfortable while riding. All Riese & Müller eBikes come with a Bosch motor and battery. With a motor like this, you might think they cut corners somewhere else on the bike just to see if you'd notice. Nope. With drivetrain choices between the Shimano Deore XT, the Vario internally geared hub, and the hill-crushing gear ratio of the Rohloff, it’s clear that they intend to make every electric bike they build one that leaves the rider thinking “perfect.” Add the capability to have not just one battery, but dual batteries, and you start to understand why every Riese & Müller model comes out perfect year after year.



Whether you’re a commuter looking for a high speed, full suspension bike to get you from point A to B or a family looking for a cargo bike to haul your most precious cargo around, Riese & Müller has got you covered. One of the reasons we’re so stoked on Riese & Müller is that more than half of their staff commute on a Riese & Müller eBike every day. Like the fam at Fly Rides, this staff is clearly dedicated to the electric bike lifestyle, and that kind of dedication breeds



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