Specialized eBikes: Turbo e-Performance from Industry Leaders

Specialized has set the bar high for every bike they've built since their inception in 1974. So it's no surprise that the Specialized Turbo lineup has become the industry standard for performance in electric mountain bikes, electric commuting bikes, and electric gravel bikes. With motor choices between the powerful and quiet Brose S Mag and the compact and lightweight Specialized 1.1, you'll have no trouble finding a ride you're stoked about. Turbo eBikes give you not only the power to ride, but the power to feel like you can go anywhere, anytime.

Innovation, Customization, All in an eBike that Rides Like a Bicycle

The mantra Specialized uses for their Turbo e-bikes is, "it's you, only faster." This means they strive for, and achieve, an electric bike that gives you that feeling you get while riding acoustic--but we've got a feeling you'll prefer electric. They show their innovation through features like their Mission Control App, where you can customize your ride including how much power the bike gives you in each level of assistance. Third party devices also get to come along for the ride because you can utilize your bicycle computer or GPS in conjunction with the Mission Control App. Or, their inclusion of a range extender on lightweight Turbo ebikes like the Turbo Vado SL, Turbo Creo SL, and Turbo Levo SL. This means your range isn’t limited just because you wanted a bike that is light, weight truly not a factor anymore. Or, maybe most importantly, the fact that they use their FSR linkage system on the Turbo Levo. Because a Specialized mountain bike wouldn't be the same without FSR.

Specialized eBike Video Playlist

Living the Turbo Life

Why We Love Specialized Turbo Bikes

Like all the greats, Specialized designs bikes for every rider. And they do it unbelievably well. Downhill shredders get the Turbo Kenevo. Singletrack lovers get the Turbo Levo. Gravel junkies get the Turbo Creo. Commuters get the Turbo Vado. Leisure riders get the Turbo Como. And many of these bikes offer a superlight counterpart if you don't want a big battery and motor weighing you down. No matter how or where you ride, there’s a Specialized Turbo bike for you. At Fly Rides, we'll help you decide which Specialized bike that is and get you riding on singletrack, paved roads, or gravel paths so that you can find out what "it's you, only faster" really means.