Specialized Turbo Electric Bikes are available at our Hollywood and La Jolla locations for in-store purchase.

Combining speed and style through an innovative pedal-assist motor, advanced electronics, and a sleek design, Specialized Turbo e-bikes represent the full capabilities of the e-bike revolution. Specialized e-bikes are capable of achieving top speeds of 28 mph while you pedal, so they'll deliver near superhuman power to any rider.

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Living the Turbo Life

Why We Love Specialized Electric Bikes

It's in Specialized's DNA to combine cutting-edge technology with life-changing experiences. This results in bike technology unlike anything you've ever seen, and more importantly, technology that's unlike anything you've ever ridden. The revolution has started, and its name is Turbo.

Specialized has created a line of Turbo e-bikes that puts an emphasis on customizing the motor tune in accordance to the intended ride experience, so you'll always get the most out of your ride. Take our e-mountain bikes for example: we knew that traction is paramount to the trail experience, and likewise, essential to the motor's tune. Too powerful, and traction is lost. Too passive, and the performance is degraded.

We love how customized your ride can be with Specialized's Mission Control app. Mission Control gives you even more power over your rides, giving you turn-by-turn navigation, access to customizable route building that can automatically adjust your motor and battery output, the ability to upload and track rides, and on-the-fly motor tuning to maximize your battery autonomy and to monitor system health. Experience Mission Control while riding the Specialized Turbo Como 2.0 when running errands or navigating to work. 

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