Tern Folding Electric Bikes at Fly Rides

As if foldable bikes weren’t convenient enough, Tern decided to take things to the next level by adding powerful motors and batteries to their already incredible compact bikes. Foldable bikes have long been a player in convenience for the discerning cyclist, but Tern has now added Bosch power to the menu. Talk about a total game changer. If you’re looking to squeeze your electric bike into a small space or for a compact cargo bike to carry all the gear you need for the entire day, Tern has a compact or folding electric bike for you. Why don’t we see what’s on their menu?

Tern eBikes Video Playlist

Tern's favorite motto: Aim high, then aim higher.

The Tern Vektron

The original foldable electric bike is still kicking with the Tern Vektron. This powerful foldable comes in a variety of options to fit your budget and needs. If you want Bosch power and features like integrated lights that you know you’ll use, this is your next bike.

The Tern GSD

Sometimes you just need to Get Stuff Done. Enter the GSD. You won’t recognize this electric bike as a compact bike while you’re hauling everything your busy life requires, but when it comes time to store the GSD, you’ll see that it’s as easy to pack away as any of Tern’s excellent folding bikes.

The Tern HSD

The stability of its bigger cousin the GSD, but half the size. For the rider who wants hauling capacity but whose space is at a premium. Consider picking the HSD off the menu.

Why We Love Tern Electric Bikes

Tern has a long history of making quality and unique foldable bikes. Looking at a popular acoustic foldable bike like the Node, you can see how dedicated they are to giving customers foldable bikes with unique functions. By adding eBikes to the menu, Tern has solidified themselves within the future of cycling. More and more, customers come to Fly Rides seeking out conveniently sized electric bikes that won’t break the bank, and Tern definitely fits that bill. If you’re a city commuter or a casual rider looking for a foldable bike, Tern really is the only option that consistently offers compact, convenient quality.