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Tern Electric Bikes

Are Tern Bikes Any Good?

Tern is one of the most popular folding bike brands and they have branched out into lightweight, practical, technologically advanced e-bikes. But they can be more expensive than other folding e-bikes. So are they worth the money? 

  • Tern uses quality parts and strong, lightweights materials, meaning you’ll get a high-quality, durable bike. 
  • Tern bikes are tough enough for daily riding and long-distances. You might start to wonder if you really need a car for running errands or commuting. 
  • Some models can carry up to 440 lbs of cargo. That’s two whole kids or more than a Costco run! 
  • Tern bikes are incredibly innovative. Their proprietary designs fit extra cargo capacity or uncommonly large wheels into a folding bike, and they’ve found clever solutions to everyday cycling problems that you won’t find on other bikes. 

Where are Tern Electric Bikes Made?

Tern Bicycles is based in Taiwan, but it is a truly international brand with a presence in Asia, Europe, and North America. Their factories are located in Taiwan and mainland China.

  • The brand name was inspired by the Arctic Tern, a bird known for being light, small, and extremely efficient, traveling the longest distance of all migratory animals on earth. These are all the qualities that Tern aspires to in its products. 
  • Tern first launched e-bikes in 2015. In 2016, they expanded the line and introduced bikes with the Bosch system.
  • Tern is a brand dedicated to creating a more sustainable future. Not only do they promote e-bikes as an energy-efficient alternative to cars, but they go a step further to decrease their own footprint by minimizing packaging and reducing the use of harmful chemicals like chromium. 

Why are Tern Bikes so Expensive?

Tern’s prices might be higher than average, but they give you more than your money’s worth with excellent quality, durable materials, and reliable high-end components. A Tern bike is an investment that will serve you for years, with minimal maintenance and upkeep.

  • Tern bikes use aluminum frames and name-brand drivetrain components, even on their entry-level bikes. Their higher-end models feature high-performance drivetrains and hydraulic disc breaks.  
  • Some models even have an internally-geared hub, belt drive, and dynamo-powered lighting. These features are pricey but practical and make Tern unique among folding bike brands.

What is the Difference Between Tern GSD and HSD?

Sometimes you just need to Get Stuff Done. Enter the GSD. You won’t recognize this electric bike as a compact bike while you’re hauling everything your busy life requires, but when it comes time to store the GSD, you’ll see that it’s as easy to pack away as any of Tern’s excellent folding bikes.  

  • For the rider who wants hauling capacity but whose space is at a premium, the HSD has the stability of the GSD but is half the size.
  • Despite its diminutive size, the HSD can haul up to 374 pounds, accepts one child seat, and lets you add a variety of cargo accessories to the front and rear. 
  • Comparatively, the GSD can haul 440 pounds and add a second child seat. 
  • Both the GSD and the HSD feature space-saving innovations like FlatFold and Vertical parking. 

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How Long do Tern Bikes Last

Because they are built with commuting and cargo in mind, Tern bikes are subjected to rigorous quality control to keep you riding in safety and style. 

  • When designing new models, Tern "tests to destruction" to identify the weakest parts of the frame or fork. Their most recent frames have proved too strong for even the most rigorous tests! 
  • Tern frames have a 5-year warranty (which you can extend to 10 years if you choose) so with good care, you can expect them to last at least that long. 
  • All Tern bikes are designed to be easily repairable and use reliable components from Bosch, SRAM, and Rohloff

Why We Love Tern Electric Bikes

Tern has a long history of making quality and unique foldable bikes. As if foldable bikes weren’t convenient enough, Tern decided to take things to the next level by adding powerful motors and batteries to their already incredible compact bikes.

  • By adding eBikes to the menu, Tern has solidified themselves within the future of cycling. More and more, customers come to Fly Rides seeking out conveniently sized electric bikes that won’t break the bank, and Tern definitely fits that bill. 
  • If you’re a city commuter or a casual rider looking for a foldable bike, Tern really is the only option that consistently offers compact, convenient quality.
  • If you’re looking to squeeze your electric bike into a small space or for a compact cargo bike to carry all the gear you need for the entire day, Tern has a compact or folding electric bike for you.