Royal Dutch Gazelle: Cycling Just Got A Lot More Regal

Get ready to bow down before royalty and be extremely happy about it. Gazelle electric bikes are at Fly Rides! Their “royal” title was given to them by actual Dutch royalty after this award-winning brand had been stunning Dutch cyclists for over a century. Now that their comfortable bicycles have gone electric, Fly Rides has happily become an ally to the Royal Dutch brand. We curate every electric bike we bring in. How could royalty not make the cut?

Quality, Performance, and Powerful Bosch Motors

Gazelle’s bikes feature reliable Bosch motors. These mid-drive motors deliver quiet power and pair wonderfully with the comfort features that Gazelle offers on all their bikes. The battery, motor, and display create an intuitive and, most importantly, fun experience during every ride. Gazelle offers bikes with a wide variety of Bosch motors from the Active Line Plus to the Performance Speed for riders who want to go 28 mph. And the quality doesn’t stop at the motor. With customized comfort features like adjustable stems, suspension seatpost and forks, and ergonomic grips, Gazelle eBikes will keep you comfortable. You get peace of mind knowing the bike will perform incredibly and that you’ll arrive feeling refreshed instead of exhausted.

Gazelle eBikes Video Playlist

Why We Love Royal Dutch Gazelle Electric Bikes

Whether you’re looking for a speedy commuter or a laid-back leisure eBike for those relaxing journeys on the weekend, Gazelle has a bicycle for you. Looking for the easy mounting and dismounting provided by a step-through bike? Check out the Gazelle Ultimate C380 with a grip shifter and Nuvinci hub. Riding somewhere in a hurry and need to go fast? Maybe the Gazelle Ultimate T10+ is more for you so that you can crank out Class 3, 28 mph speeds. With such a wide variety of frame styles and motor powers and speed, the electric bike experts at Fly Rides will guide you towards a Gazelle electric bike you’ll love. Guaranteed.