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For 125 years Gazelle has produced the highest-quality, most comfortable, lightweight bicycles possible. Their focus on thoughtful design and technical innovation are inspired by their love of cycling, and a belief that bicycles should be a part of daily life.  

Their bikes feature low step-through frames to allow easy use by everyone, powerful and reliable mid-drive motors to get you where you need to go, and come complete with everything you need such as fenders, racks, lights, bells, locks and kickstands.

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Royal Dutch Gazelle employs around 350 people at its factory in Dieren, the Netherlands, where they produce over 250,000 bikes a year. This makes Gazelle the market leader in the Netherlands. Quality has been at the forefront since their founding in 1892. More recently, in 1996, Gazelle’s production process was certified to the ISO-9001 standard.

They are proud of their “Royal” title, which was awarded to them by Princess Margriet of the Netherlands in honor of their 100th anniversary in 1992.  This distinction further serves to cement their commitment to innovation, and pursuit to make cycling more enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

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