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We have a lot of customers who would love to purchase from us but they don't live locally...which is why we've created the Fly-In On Us promotion this Labor Day Holiday!   

Already live locally? Buy a bike and we'll fly a loved one out to enjoy the holiday with that's love

How does it work?

        1. Decide which bike you'd like and place a non-refundable (but transferrable*) deposit of $1000 on your model of choice.  We need to know ahead of time which bike(s) you are interested in so we can reserve and if needed, transfer bikes to the shop you'll be visiting.  Once you have placed a deposit on a bike, you'll have up to 10 days in which to fly into your shop location requested.  If you are unable to fly in within 10 days and you still want to take advantage of the offer, then you are required to pay in full which will be non-refundable and you will have up to 60 days to fly in.  
        2. Book your flight and come visit us in sunny southern California and we'll issue you $500 Bike Purchase Travel Credit* added to your account with us. Use that money towards your flight and accommodations while you're visiting.  
        3. Ride SoCal!  SoCal has some awesome riding. Some of it is even out our front door in Poway. Either ride your new bike or grab a demo for the day and enjoy awesome local trails.
        4. Connect with our expert team while you're here to get the right fit and be 100% confident in the bike you've decided on.
        5. We'll perform a full Quality Assurance Check on the bike and ship it directly to your home.  

    Other reasons you should take us up on our Fly-In promo?

        1. No Sales Tax for out of state customers 
        2. Poway and Los Angeles are both fantastic places to visit 
        3. We'd be stoked to meet you in person and have you join the Fly Rides Fam!


    Ready to get started?

    Check out the full collection below of bikes we're able to offer with this exclusive promotion. Give a call to your shop destination of choice to get your trip rolling!  

    • To visit our LA Fly Rides location in Hollywood, just steps away from Griffith Park, call Jerit at (323) 460-2010
    • To visit our San Diego Fly Rides location, in the heart of beautiful La Jolla Village, call Max at 619.888.3878


    *Now for the small print details to ensure we are able to offer this deal in the future: 

    1. The $1000 deposit must be paid before you arrive and is non-refundable.  It is transferable to a different bike up until we ship your bike to you. 

    2. The $500 Bike Purchase Credit will come off the price of the bike.

    3. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.  

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