Fly Rides COVID-19 Protocols

First and foremost, we want to send our love and support during this difficult time. The global COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most challenging things we’ve had to face as a local community and as a greater society.  Fly Rides is committed to doing our part to be here for you all.  During this time, we are continuing to serve our community with eBike sales and virtual service appointments, with the following safety measures:  

1.  Our shops are open with capacity restrictions.  If you are coming to one of our shops for an appointment, please reschedule if you experience symptoms, have recently been exposed to crowds, or have other risk factors.  In store, please follow social distancing guidelines.

2. We are shipping! And we're carefully disinfecting each bike before it goes into the box.

3. All equipment will be disinfected before handoff.
4. Fly Rides team members will follow all guidelines and will stay home if they feel at all sick, have had contact with sick people, or have any other risk factors.

We ask that our customers respect riding and travel restrictions in their area. Please avoid riding in large groups and RIDE CAREFULLY- medical resources are limited and now is NOT the time to go to the hospital!