Health Benefits of Electric Bikes

Countless studies have proven it true, our ancestors are evidence of the claims, and you've felt it for yourself. Exercise is necessary for a mere mortal; but let's get real... is it possible for every body

The onset of the electric bike industry helps make that possible. Let's take, for instance, some of the reasons you, your loved one, or Joe-blow down the street find it difficult or near-impossible to exercise:

  • Not enough time
  • Not "fit" enough, lack of endurance
  • Fear of gyms (Why is everyone watching me???)
  • Mental/Emotional distress
  • Physical disability
  • It's no fun! "Oh, the pain."

With an electric bike, we swiftly eliminate these obstacles, one level of pedal-assist at a time. Mechanical doping? More like environmental coping. I like to think of myself as a pretty strong cyclist, and yet, there are still some hills that I find daunting. With a friendly motor beneath my seat, I'm free to keep climbing. And while an acoustic bike might seem scary to take to the streets, I can keep up with the best (or craziest) of them on my 28-mph eBike in LA traffic. So if you're ready to hop off one seat, and onto that of an eBike, let's dive into the benefits you'll be feeling and reaping soon enough. 

Brain Power

If creative minds like Thoreau, Kierkegaard, and Nietzsche would attest that "walking gives wings to the imagination," biking must be the rocket ship that takes you to the moon of your mind. I've personally generated some of my best ideas and most divergent thinking on two wheels. For those looking to change up your work commute, imagine what this means for your productivity, resilience, and concentration in the workplace!

Studies have shown exercise such as cycling to act as a "neural fertilizer," increasing the grey and white matter in the brain, as well as its ability to grow and self-repair. Our brains respond with such positivity to aerobic exercise, and it's been backed by research that cardio strengthens the brain's hippocampus, which plays a major role in the brain's memory systems. Not to mention, we have evidence that regular aerobic exercise can slow cognitive decline in older adults! That's right, bike far far far away from Alzheimer's, and into the sunset of serotonin town. 

Depression anyone? Didn't think so. Hopping on a bike, as we know it, fuels the body's production of serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and cannabinoids. These are all of the "happy" chemicals we so desperately try to regenerate. But our body can do so naturally! All it needs is a little pedal to the metal, like these lab rats, whose serotonin levels were monitored closely during and after moderate exercise. What's more, is that if you can take your exercise to the great outdoors via eBike, your chances of getting happier continue to go up. Some would even add that we should prescribe outdoor cycling at the doctor's office, not simply suggest it. Take this inspirational video, for instance. 

Body Transformation

Brain power ain't enough for ya? How about some major leg power. For those already used to the body mechanics of a bike ride, an electric bike will certainly boost your performance and give you the power to take on increasingly rigorous trails. For anyone whose body is at even a slight disadvantage, however, the assist of an eBike can be the difference between dis-ease and vitality. It's a step up (literally) from walking, and riders are free to experience the thrill of open-air exercise without embarrassing exhaustion. I've seen the results firsthand, in individuals who come to ride electric bikes in LA with us through the hills. Someone who may lack the confidence or stamina to tackle a long ride on two wheels, is suddenly excited to push through a steep climb, and quite proud when they find they've reached the end of a 12 mile tour without the daunting expectation of failure or exhaustion. That's what I love about eBikes - these aluminum and carbon steeds offer all of the benefits of exercise on an acoustic bike, with the comfort to know you can keep moving forward with the going gets tough.

I won't walk you through the benefits of general exercise, as I'm sure you're familiar: "Lower your risk of heart disease, improve your mobility and muscle mass, reduce your bad cholesterol and the extra weight around your waistband," etc. If it were easy, we'd all be living exuberantly into our late 90's. An electric bike obliterates the obstacles that stand between you and your better health. In fact, it's a friendly welcome to the world of fitness. A gentle reminder that you can get back into the game of life with the wind beneath your wings. For many, the small motor is the difference between a sedentary lifestyle, and a complete overhaul in their cardiorespiratory fitness. 


Did you forget that exercise could be fun? That your commute to work could be exhilarating and exploratory, rather than mindless and traffic-jammed? Take the riders from CU Boulder's study on the benefits of ebiking, for example, who found their rides to be "a blast." Many reported that they bought an electric bike for themselves just after the study ended. I will personally attest that I've had no better a time exercising than when I've just pedaled up a steep hill in the great outdoors. And since we're talking health benefits, fun is 100% healthy. So hop on the eBike trend y'all, and GET HAPPY. 

Ride like the wind. 

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