Why eBikes are beneficial to your health during the Coronavirus pandemic

As you all know, the Fly Rides family loves electric bikes, but most importantly, we love the healthy lifestyle that comes along with them! Do you enjoy riding your eBike around town for leisure or are you going to be shredding an eMTB down your local mountain? Well, the good thing is, there are many benefits to riding an eBike or eMTB! In fact, they are an excellent way to stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic while actively social distancing. 

There are just a few quick things we recommend you do first before jumping on the bike! 

  1. Stay up to date with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and  World Health Organization (WHO)
  2. Check your local parks department website for up-to-date information on park and trail access.
  3. Ride with your significant other, your children or even by yourself - just avoid riding in large groups.

Here at Fly Rides, when we’re not in the shop, we’re out on our eBikes! Whether that means cruising down to the local grocery store running errands, commuting to work, or out shredding eMTBs in the local mountains! During these times, many gyms, yoga studios, fitness clubs, bars, restaurants, and businesses are closed due to Covid-19. Luckily, at the time of writing this, you’ll find most cities have deemed bike shops to be an essential service, as both the cities of Los Angeles and San Diego have done. With so many other businesses being put on hold, it’s leaving a lot of people with extra time and most are looking for a new way to stay active and fit. The good news is, we know just the way! 

Get out and ride an eBike! 

eBikes help bridge the gap and make riding more accessible to all ages and physical abilities. Do you know that mountain, trail, or even a park where you’ve always wanted to ride but you don’t because you think it would be too hard? Well, an eBike will give you the means to get out and explore riding in those places you never would have considered. 

We all know riding is a great way to stay active and physically fit but did you also know that it will work wonders for your immune system? This study showed that older riders between the ages of 50-79 still produced the same amount of T-cells as riders in their 20's. T-Cells originate in your thymus, which is a specialized primary lymphoid organ of the immune system. The T-cells are responsible for recognizing and eliminating antigens, aka foreign substances in your body. That means the older riders' immune systems were working just as well as the riders in their 20’s. That's amazing! 

Now, why do we think eBikes are great, especially during COVID-19? Well, doctors recommend riding during COVID-19 to stay active, but they do stress the importance of taking it easy. Although daily riding is great for a healthy immune system, pushing yourself too hard and putting too much stress on your body can weaken your immune system for a short period of time as your body works to recover from the hard effort. This is where an eBike comes in to save the day! In the highest assist mode, most eBikes can take 75% less effort than your typical acoustic bike. That allows more people the ability to get out and enjoy some fresh air, nature, and even their own neighborhood. As we had mentioned before, they help bridge the gap for all riding abilities! 

With that all being said, it doesn’t mean eBikes are meant for non-cyclists or, “old people”. You might be thinking, “I’m young, or I’m fit, I don’t need any electric assistance”. Well, as a very avid acoustic cyclist myself, I love riding my eBike, even during COVID-19, as I’m able to get in my longer mountain bike rides while still, “taking it easy,” as they say! The eBike also allows me to cover more ground in a shorter period of time. Now that’s a win-win situation! 

Now we definitely saved the best for last. If there is one thing Fly Rides can promise, it’s that getting out for a ride on an eBike will put a smile on your face! We spoke about all the physical health benefits to riding during COVID-19 but we can’t forget to touch base on the mental health aspect! Getting outside, enjoying some fresh air, and going on a ride is a great way to have fun and relieve some stress. With certain states and cities shutting down all non-essential businesses and implementing shelter in place orders, it’s crucial to stay healthy mentally! Most of these cities and states still highly recommend you get outside and exercise, of course as long as you are still practicing social distancing. 

As a good friend and customer of ours, Richard Friedman, said in the video above, “Riding an eBike has allowed me to obtain a level of vitality and fitness that I never expected to be possible”. Richard went on to mention how he not only values the health and vitality an eBike offers, but also the community that comes along with it.

So after all of that information, what is Fly Rides trying to say? We think electric bikes are a great way for you or the family to get out for a ride, enjoy each other's company, get some exercise, stay healthy, but most importantly, have fun! 

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Good rides, good vibes, every day at Fly Rides! 

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