Why Should I buy an ebike now?

Gazelle ebikes

Anyone who has been looking for ebikes (or bicycles in general) can vouch that for the last 10 months demand has been increasing and inventory has become harder to come by. Calling around looking for the best deal or hoping for a sale has proven impossible and now it is going in the opposite direction. You could have a 2021 model in mind just to find out it is either sold out already or the wait time is vague and is ever changing (don’t blame the dealer!). We are here to help guide you through the process of buying and what brands to look for before prices go up across the board among all brands! Read below for the best info on price locked brands and see our helpful buying links at the very end.

As a company we have only had one price increase but major manufacturers are starting to raise pricing 5-12% without changing component levels. Brands  have announced their increases but without component improvement, where is the value? Is it just demand? Unfortunately, once the “giants” do this the smaller manufacturers will follow, it’s just the nature of the world we are in. 

This does not mean you have to pay a higher price for ebikes for no reason. There are brands that are holding strong and dealers who have pre bought bikes expecting this increase and were hoping to save their customers some much needed cash. Here is a look at 3 companies that have stock already in the US so no extra cost is involved or they have committed to not raising their prices (yet!).

Brand 1: Cube - Dealers like us (Fly Rides, USA) pre bought every Cube full suspension ebike possible, we are their biggest Stereo dealer in North America, and tons of their hardtails, commuters and leisure bikes in order to keep our prices locked in and keep customers on ebikes (for as long as they last!) at a reasonable price point. They may not have all arrived yet but they are coming in waves and secure at their price point for now. They already had one of the most diverse line ups and best “bang for your buck” but now they are really taking the market by storm.

Brand 2: Bulls Bikes - A smaller German company that is doing its best to become more prevalent in the US market. One way to do this? Competitive pricing on quality frames with high end components. Half of their ebikes landed right before the price increase and even some that are incurring increases are still below the industry average. It is also one of the few ebike companies carrying 3 of the 4 major mid drive motors (Brose, Shimano, and Bosch) so your choices are endless. Some of their best values come from their E Stream Series or their main commuter the Urban Evo 10

Brand 3: Gazelle - The Dutch know comfort and they seem to be astute when it comes to pricing. They stay in their lane and sell ebikes solely based on comfort, leisure, and commuting and most of their attributes, depending on speed, can all be found in every model. The best part, which you rarely see in the higher quality mid drive motor ebikes, is their commitment to a $2499 and up price point. Their highest end models still stay sub $4500 and you get the complete package (lights, fenders, racks, gel seats, etc) without having to pay more. 

The real caveat is buy now, even if you are in a snow bound state this time of year. A lot of manufacturers will be out by Summer of the most popular models and dealers will be running leaner and leaner waiting on the (more expensive) 2022’s. We are here to help and will have more buyers guides coming to help make your choice as easy as possible.

Thanks for reading. Good rides and good vibes!

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