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2017 Tern Vektron Review

Fly Rides is now carrying Tern’s awesome foldable bikes! To give riders the best look at these bikes, we decided to review them. First, we’ll take a look at Tern’s brand new electric option. The 2017 Tern Vektron is this company’s first move into the electric world. It is a high-powered commuter with an excellent Bosch system. Here is our 2017 Tern Vektron review.

The world of foldable electric bikes is rapidly expanding. It is great to see Tern–foldable bike veterans–get into the electric bike game. The benefits of a foldable bike are probably pretty clear to you. They’re great for smaller apartments, public transport, and people with smaller vehicles. They accelerate quickly thinks to small, speedy tires. Also, they’re generally lighter and more easier on your components long term.

But let’s get into the specifics of Tern’s Vektron. For starters, you’ve got the aforementioned Bosch 250 watt motor. This motor comes from Bosch’s Active line which provide steady power and smooth operation in an incredibly lightweight unit. A computer measures your cadence, power, and speed 1,000 times per second. This provides a natural feeling ride, and it gives you the optimal power at all times. The 400 watt hour battery back makes it possible to go further, faster. You can even upgrade to a 500 watt hour battery for an estimated range of more than 75 miles and the lowest level of assist. Bosch motors are top of the line, and I’m glad to see Tern taking advantage of them.

The 2017 Tern Vektron has some remarkable components. Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes provide smooth stopping power, and you need this ability when commuting near cars. The 20″ Schwalbe Big Apple tires make it easy to maneuver in traffic, and they are lightweight. The tires are also incredibly comfortable and cushy. For shifting, they’ve provided a Shimano Deore system with 10-speeds to choose from. This should be plenty even in hilly cities like San Francisco. One of the coolest features is the Magnetix 2.0 to keep your bike folded even when being moved. Many folding bikes do not include a feature like this which can be frustrating during transport. As with all good commuters, Tern has included a set of high quality lights, and they’ve given you a sturdy rear rack.

This bike rides very well, and is an enjoyable experience. The cockpit is easy to access, and it feels protected when the bike is folded. I would highly recommend this bike to anyone who has interest in foldable electric bikes. The Bosch system is a front runner, and this electric bike is the only foldable with Bosch on the market.

You can by this bike by following this link: 2017 Tern Vektron.

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