Turbo Levo 2020


Don't you just love when you're going to refill your coffee cup and there's already a full pot brewed by some magical do-gooder in the office? Unnecessary. Unexpected. By some miracle, you have more fuel for the day. That's exactly what was going through the hearts and minds of the bike fairies at Specialized, when they added a battery pack with 40% more capacity, a specially tuned Brose motor, and a lighter frame to their line of 2020 Turbo Levo bikes, at no extra cost versus their 2019 lineup. Since the launch of their iconic Stumpjumper, they've continued to innovate and raise the bar for what's expected of a mountain bike. We've evaluated the specs ourselves, so read on to see what you're getting in this year's lineup. If you're short on time, check out our breakdown below!

It's almost 2020, and the Specialized Turbo Levo, Turbo Levo Comp, Turbo Levo Expert Carbon, and S-Works Turbo Levo have all gotten an upgrade. What's better? You're not paying more for it. Ride into this new decade, like a boss.

2020 Specialized Turbo Levo 29

The 2020 Turbo Levo is the only one in this lineup that continues to use a 500 Wh battery pack, but like the rest of the lineup, we can appreciate an improved motor, a sprightly frame, and upgraded display.

  • A brand new Brose S Mag 2.1 motor has been specially tuned by Specialized, offering 90 Nm of torque and up to 410% assist. But you won't hear it - this motor is the most silent in its class. 
  • The model showcases an advanced M5 alloy chassis. They're calling this "True Trail Geometry," meaning an extended reach, steeper seatpost angle, and a sophisticated frame that will keep you agile in tough terrain. 
  • The butcher tires are an impressive 29" x 2.3" in the front and rear, with solid grip. 
  • A RockShox 35 fork in the front, and RockShox Deluxe shock in the rear give you 150 mm of travel suspension, so again, you'll have the smoothest ride possible. 
  • All of the 2020 models can be fitted with Turbo Connect Display, a minimalist upgrade for a convenient personalized experience. 

2020 Specialized Turbo Levo Comp 29

Just like the Turbo Levo, the Comp boasts a redesigned, trail-ready frame made of Specialized M5 premium aluminum. This model also has that impressive Specialized 2.1 motor, and the 29" Butcher tires we love. Get ready for some battery power, though. As with the Expert and S-Works model, the Comp includes an extended battery life that'll see you through to the top of a mountain, and back again. 

  • Specialized aluminum chassis

  • Specialized 2.1 Motor
  • 29" x 2.3" Butcher Tires
  • True Trail Geometry
  • 700 Wh battery pack. (What???) With 40% more capacity, you're given the opportunity to make the most of your travel time. 
  • On this bike, we're getting the RockShox Lyrik Select RC fork, and a RockShox Deluxe shock in the rear. 
  • Drivetrain: SRAM GX, long cage, 11-speed
  • Compatible with Turbo Connect Display

2020 Specialized Turbo Levo Expert Carbon

Continue to ride like a beast, only lighter. The carbon frame on the Expert model uses the same genius geometry to get you through those steep trails more efficiently, but it's dropped the unnecessary weight. 

  • Specialized 2.1 Motor
  • 29" x 2.3" Butcher tires
  • True Trail Geometry
  • Again. 700 Wh battery pack. Still amazed. 
  • You're getting a substantially better suspension with a Fox 36 Performance fork and a Fox DPS rear suspension. This was re-engineered with a grip damper with 3 position micro adjust to offer more mid-stroke support. Playful. Solid rebound. There's nothing more to say. Get on this bike. 
  • Drivetrain: SRAM X1, 11-speed
  • Compatible with Turbo Connect Display

2020 Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo

The S-Works is a work of beauty. Like last year's model, it powers on with a 700 Wh battery, and it keeps up with the rest of the 2020 line with trail-ready chassis and an expertly tuned motor. Full specs include:

  • Specialized 2.1 Motor
  • 29" x 2.3" Butcher Tires
  • True Trail Geometry
  • A 42 volt 4 amp charger. This will charge up that new battery in less time. 
  • The SRAM Axs Dropper is a wireless dropper post that lets you pedal uphill without so much darn effort. 
  • A Fox 36 Factory Grip 2 Damper fork. This is Hector's favorite fork here at Fly Rides. It's a mind-blowing fork. 
  • Deity Copperhead Stem: 32.8mm, 50mm. This design maximizes durability with lightweight material. 
  • The frame is an impressive FACT 11 Carbon fiber, making for a lightweight, responsive, and agile riding experience. Perfectly stiff with an asymmetric Sidearm design.
  • Drivetrain: SRAM XX1, 11-speed
  • Compatible with Turbo Connect Display 

The Ride

Get ready to blaze some trails, folks! This upgraded selection from Specialized offers a lightweight design that will surprise you with its power. Imagine riding on the back of a Pronghorn Antelope through a steep mountain trail. You're quick, agile, and won't stop for anything because you have a 700 wh battery inside of you. Our favorite model was the 2020 S-Works Turbo Levo, as it offered the most control on a sporty ride with that Fox 36 Factory fork. If you've never hopped on a trail bike before and you want to feel like a pro, the 2020 Specialized Turbo Levo line is a great place to start. 

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