Best eBikes for Kids

Read on to find out what to look for in an eBike for a kid in 2024!

Choosing the right eBike involves balancing fun, safety, and practicality. By understanding the classifications and prioritizing a proper fit, along with selecting a bike from a reputable brand, you can provide your child with a positive and secure eBiking experience. This approach will help create new memories that might one day rival those carefree bike rides of your own youth.

  • Mondraker FPlay kids eMTB at Fly Rides
  • Mondraker FPlay kids electric mountain bike at Fly Rides
  • Mondraker FPlay kids eMTB at Fly Rides
  • Bulls Twenty4 E Zebra hardtail eMTB for kids at Fly Rides
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Kids biking together at Fly Rides
Nostalgia brings us back to the days of carefree bike rides with friends, but today's kids face a different landscape with the advent of eBikes. As a parent, navigating this new terrain can be challenging, especially when comparing the costs and complexities of eBikes to the simpler, more affordable bikes of our youth. This guide is designed to help you make informed decisions in this new world of eBikes. We will cover the different classifications of eBikes, explaining the differences between Class 1, 2, and 3 models to help you understand which type might be best for your child. We'll dive into safety considerations, highlighting the importance of proper fitting and the benefits of reputable brands. 

Additionally, we'll discuss the various characteristics that can make some eBikes, like Class 2 models, less appealing due to their weight, maintenance difficulties, and reliability issues. Finally, we'll provide recommendations for some of the best eBikes on the market, tailored to different needs and preferences, ensuring that you choose the best option for your child's adventures. By the end of this guide, you'll have the knowledge to avoid costly mistakes and ensure your child has a safe, enjoyable, and healthy eBiking experience. 

What are the main differences between Class 1, 2, & 3 electric bikes?

Mid-drive vs hub-drive motors on Fly Rides
TO THROTTLE, OR NOT TO THROTTLE. THAT IS THE QUESTION. eBikes are typically categorized into three classes based on their speed and level of motor assistance. Class 1 eBikes are pedal-assist only, with a top speed of up to 20 mph. They are ideal for the majority of riders, safe for and accessible to bike paths and most public trails. They also promote fitness as kids must pedal to activate the motor, much like riding a traditional bike. Class 3 eBikes are also pedal-assist only but can reach speeds up to 28 mph, making them suitable for more experienced riders and often used for commuting. Both Class 1 and Class 3 eBikes enhance safety and reliability while encouraging physical activity.

Class 2 eBikes, which offer both pedal-assist and throttle, are versatile for casual riding and commuting but lack the same fitness benefits due to an appealing throttle feature (although we'd be liars if we said we didn't understand the appeal for a kid to have his first moped). Additionally, Class 2 eBikes are significantly heavier, making them more cumbersome to handle and transport. They can also be more difficult to work on and maintain, often requiring more frequent repairs and specialized knowledge. These factors, combined with their reduced reliability compared to Class 1 and Class 3 eBikes, make them a less appealing choice for many riders. Not to mention the "jerky" feeling you get when getting going and the delayed motor when you stop pedaling.

Does the brand of motor matter?

Bosch Performance SX motor at Fly Rides
Simple answer: ABSOLUTELY. When it comes to brands, opting for reputable manufacturers such as Bosch, Yamaha, and Shimano (and a handful of others) ensures reliability and performance. Bosch, for example, is known for its robust motors and intuitive controls, while Yamaha offers powerful delivery and high efficiency. Shimano provides advanced drive systems with excellent support and durability. These brands often incorporate advanced safety features, including UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certifications, which are critical for preventing electrical fires. UL certifications ensure that the batteries and electrical components meet rigorous safety standards, reducing the risk of fire hazards—a significant concern with lower-quality eBikes.

What safety measures should I consider?

Girl on a bike that's too big for her
Beyond the standard bicycle safety measures such as a proper fitting helmet (mips technology preferred), let’s jump into how we can ensure your child's safety when introducing them to eBikes specifically. A crucial step is making sure they have a chance to test ride different eBike models in an open area. Some eBike retailers (like us at Fly Rides) offer test rides on and off-road, allowing your child to experience various options and find the one that feels most comfortable and easy to control. During these test rides, it's important to observe how confidently your child can start, stop, and maneuver the bike.

Proper fitting is also critical. An eBike that is too large in hopes that your child will "grow into it" can be unsafe. The right fit ensures that your child can reach the ground comfortably when stopping and can handle the bike without issues. Make sure the eBike's frame size, seat height, and handlebar position are appropriate for your child's current size. A well-fitted eBike will boost your child's confidence and ensure a safer riding experience.

Our picks: Our Favorite Kids eMTB (Electric Mountain Bike)

Mondraker FPlay kids eMTB at Fly Rides
Perfect for off-road adventures, the Mondraker FPlay 26 and Mondraker FPlay 24 are designed specifically for kids aged 6-13. Featuring robust suspension systems, more than capable Mondraker Forward Geometry platform, a dropper seatpost, and more, young riders can tackle rough terrains with ease and confidence. 

Our picks: Also Amazing Kids eMTB

Transition Relay Alloy NX in extra small for kids at Fly Rides
Offering versatility and performance, the XS Transition Relay NX Alloy is an excellent choice for adventurous young riders. With its lightweight design and agile handling, it's perfect for exploring trails and mastering technical terrain.

Our picks: Best Economical Kids eMTB

Bulls Twenty4 E Zebra hardtail eMTB for kids at Fly Rides
Ideal for budget-conscious parents, the Bulls Twenty4 Zebra offers good performance and battery life at an affordable price. Equipped with a reliable Bosch motor (15mph maximum speed), it's perfect for the smallest of riders eager to keep up with the family on Sunday rides.

Our picks: Best eBike for Bigger Kids

Bulls Copperhead EVO HD 750 Wave eMTB
When it comes to eBikes for bigger kids, the Bulls Copperhead HD Wave in 41cm stands out. Equipped with the powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor, this eBike offers seamless integration and responsive assistance across various terrains. Its high torque output effortlessly tackles steep hills, while the durable aluminum frame ensures stability and control on the trails. With precise handling and advanced technology, it's perfect for young adventurers seeking exhilarating rides—and keeping up with dad on the trails might just become a breeze (or a humbling moment)!

Our picks: Best Road eBike for Kids

Tern Vektron folding electric bike is great for kids at Fly Rides Tern Vektron S10 electric bike folded at Fly Rides
Offering practicality and convenience, the Tern Vektron S10 folding bike is an excellent option for commuting or urban riding. Its compact design allows for easy storage and transportation, while the powerful motor ensures smooth and efficient rides for kids on the go. Sitting on 20" wheels, being low to the ground will help with confidence, especially with added weight (in case your kid's friend hops on).
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