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Being a shorter person is great on planes, but can be daunting when you’re looking for an electric bike that fits you well--and offers great components and a geometry designed for a smaller person’s proportions. Don't stress - just read on! We have researched the best electric bikes for shorter people and broken them down by category. We recommend evaluating your needs and then choosing an e-bike based on how you’d like to ride: whether you want an electric mountain bike with front or full suspension, a Class 3 electric bike for commuting, or an electric beach cruiser leisure bike. The experts at Fly Rides love finding great-fitting eBikes that will be fun and comfortable to ride for people of all heights, ages, and abilities.

Leisure eBikes for Shorter Riders

For riders looking to explore their neighborhood, a new stretch of boardwalk along the beach, or that new bike path you’ve heard about. These eBikes should be upright, comfortable, and a "finished product," meaning no need to add to many accessories or comfort features. 

Cube Town Hybrid Sport

Cube Town Sport Hybrid ONE

The Cube Town Hybrid Sport is an awesome all-rounder eBike that comes in a very small 42 cm frame (best for riders 4'10”-5'4"). A one-stop solution that comes standard with comfort and safety features like a gel seat, ergon grips, lights, fenders and racks, to make your eBike selection easy and cost-effective!

Cube Touring Hybrid ONE 500 | Easy Entry

Cube Touring Hybrid ONE 500 | Easy Entry

The 2021 Cube Touring Hybrid one 500 | Easy Entry features the same concept as the Cube Town Hybrid Sport, but in a slightly larger frame. You also get a fully-integrated and larger battery for a bit higher price.

2021 Raleigh Retroglide Royale IE

Raleigh Retroglide Royale iE Step Thru

2021 Raleigh Retroglide Royale IE - Step-through and gorgeous! One size fits most and perfect for upright beach cruising in style. 

Bulls Cross Lite Evo Wave

Bulls Cross Lite EVO Wave

Bulls Cross Lite Evo Wave - A bit of a price jump for this category, but every dollar is worth the investment: you’ll get a 625 Wh battery that lets you forget to charge or ride longer. You’ll also get a new Bosch Gen4 motor with 85 Nm of torque matched with an adjustable stem and all the goodies to make you comfortable on a long leisurely ride.

Cube Kathmandu Hybrid One 500

Cube Kathmandu Hybrid One 500 | Easy Entry

2021 Cube Kathmandu Hybrid One 500 - One of the most sought-after e-bikes of 2020 and continuing a strong performance for 2021. It offers tons of variations including a bigger battery, high speed, and a trapeze frame to fit all your needs.

Gazelle Ultimate C380

 Gazelle Ultimate C380 Low Step

The ultimate leisure machine may be the 2021 Gazelle Ultimate C380, not only for its low-step frame and comfort build but also....NO CHAIN! The belt drive system means no need to do maintenance, and it helps take leisure to a whole new level.

    Road/Commuting eBikes

    When it comes to your commute, having the right size e-bike means everything. Here are our top suggestions for shorter riders who want to add a little speed into their life and get to work and home again faster than ever!

    Gazelle Medeo T10+

    Gazelle Medeo T10+ HMB Mid Step

    2021 Gazelle Medeo T10+ - Coming back in stock Q1 of 2021, this e-bike will be highly sought after. Forget the high price tag usually associated with speed bikes and go for this small but powerful low-step, budget-friendly commuter.

    Bulls Iconic TR Speed

     Bulls Iconic EVO TR 1 Speed

    2021 Bulls Iconic TR Speed - How did a full-suspension e-bike slip into this category? Well, because it comes in a 41 cm small frame, goes 28 mph and gives you all the comfort of a commuter bike and is built like an eMTB. Go 28 mph and never feel a bump in the road!

    Bulls Urban Evo 10

    Bulls Urban EVO 10 Step-Thru

    Bulls has done it again with the 2021 Urban Evo 10, featuring a 45 cm trapeze frame that gives you 625 watt-hours of battery with the new Bosch Gen4 motor for high speed commuting. 

    Riese and Müller Nevo3 GT Vario HS

    Riese & Muller Nevo3 GT Vario HS

    If you are used to driving to work in comfort and don't want to sacrifice that for your bike ride, look no further that the 2021 Riese and Müller Nevo3 GT Vario HS. Built to order (unless your local shop buys them ahead of time to save you wait time) and they still get inspected and shipped from Germany. The highest quality build around and one that gives you 28 mph, options for 1000 Wh+ of battery, zero maintenance, and sleek German engineering and design. Check out our video review of the 2020 Riese & Müller Nevo:

      Best Electric Mountain Bikes

      For short riders this can be one of the hardest categories to find the right fit, which is why we’ve dedicated a whole article to the best eMTBs for shorter riders.

      At Fly Rides, we love helping different riders of all sizes, ages, and riding abilities find an eBike that takes them where they want to go, with the right options to make their ride as comfortable, powerful, stylish, and versatile as possible.

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