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What are the best electric mountain bikes for 2021? Welcome to the eMTB hub from a company that has been all e-bikes for 10 years! We have seen models come and go and have seen what sticks around for the long haul - and most importantly, which bikes riders LOVE. Here is our list of the best full-suspension electric mountain bikes coming to the USA for 2021.

We've also grouped them into price ranges, since many people also ask us: What are the best budget electric mountain bikes? Or what is the best e-bike in my price range? Thanks for reading and we hope to get you out shredding soon!

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Best Electric Mountain Bikes: Entry Level/Budget Range

This range is for someone looking to join the sport, or who wants an e-bike for their n+1 without breaking the bank, but also wants reliable components. When it comes to eBikes (and bikes in general), you usually get what you pay for. Here are our 3 picks for the best budget-friendly eMTBs, in no particular order:

1: Haibike Xduro Allmtn 2.0 and 2: Haibike Xduro Nduro 2.0

These models got so many people on eMTBs that they decided to keep them the same for 2021. They both have the Yamaha PWX 2 with 500 Wh battery (compatible with all frame-mounted Yamaha batteries) that pack 80 Nm of instant torque to your climb. Comfortable geometry is something Haibikes have always been known for: these are great for all-terrain or moving into more technical riding. Dealer suggestion? Get the Allmtn 2.0 (better brakes) and still aggressive enough with 160 mm of travel up front. Tech tip: Tune the Yari fork correctly and it’ll feel more plush! 

Video Review: Haibike XDURO AllMtn 2.0

3: The 2021 Specialized Turbo Levo 29

Tired of all the hype and don’t want to spend $6250 on the Turbo Levo Comp? The Turbo Levo 29 gets you there with a comparable drive train with all other bikes in its class (SRAM NX Eagle) and RockShox suspension. The always smooth Brose S Mag mixed with the display-less (TCD display optional) cockpit allows you to feel like you are on a regular e-bike. We always say “you'll feel like Lance Armstrong...when he was cheating” when riding something so powerful yet so quiet and subtle. Dealer suggestion: If you are just starting go with the Levo over the Comp, the 500 Wh is plenty, and if you decide to upgrade someday to the 700 Wh, the resale market for Levo batteries is great! Tech tip: Make sure your dealer has run the most up-to-date Brose software!

Best Electric Mountain Bikes: Mid-Range

Mid-range is the hardest range to get right now (e-bikes are booming!) and one packed with options that tend to confuse the shopper with fine details. At this range you should know one thing: nothing entry level! Your e-bike should definitely have these key items:

  1. A big battery: above 500 Wh
  2. A great drivetrain: minimum of SRAM NX or Shimano Deore XT
  3. Suspension: A higher-end RockShox
  4. Something special that makes it stand out

1: The 2021 Cube eBike Lineup

The best brand and models for this category is anything in this collection: The Cube 140 models for all-mountain riders and the Cube 160 models for enduro and harder riding styles.

Dealer tip: Go for the SL (super light) if your budget allows, like the Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC SL 625. They all give you carbon (there's your something special) and big batteries, but you see the suspension improve on the SL model and it is worth the extra $600 if you plan on being more than a weekend warrior. Plus, you'll get a better drivetrain with the XT 12-speed.

Tech tip: Don’t get caught up in the 29 vs 27.5 inch wheel debate: see our review on that here:

2: The 2021 Specialized Turbo Levo Comp

Brand loyalty exists for a reason. Described as smooth, natural and my favorite description word; “buttery”. The downfall? Good luck getting it. Dealer tip: Don’t put all your eggs in this basket. If you can’t get it and your heart was set then get a carbon fiber Cube for less! Tech tip: Fox Rhythms are fantastic but perform the best when you have set your rebound appropriately! 

Notable Mention: 

3: The 2021 Haibike Allmtn 3.0

It's not coming until May and something we haven't seen from Haibike yet. I wouldn't say worth the wait but if you are buying in May then this could go to the top of your list.

Top Range

These are bikes for someone who wants the ultimate eBike experience, and appreciates the best, but understands they don’t need the very best eBike ever made. Keeping it around $8K is ideal but that 8K should hit all its marks.

1: The 2021 Mondrakers

The Dusk R and Dusk RR are new to the US and are taking Shimano motor riders by storm. Two trim levels that offer big batteries, high end components, an actual color scheme (yes, we care about color!), and the potential for almost 1000 Wh for those multi-day trips of non-stop shredding. You've got Fox suspension everywhere--and if you haven’t ridden the Shimano STEPS system, well, then you just haven’t ridden. 

2: Best Bang for Your Buck

Back to Cube! The Cube ActionTeams were the most sought-after models in 2020 and it's doing the same in 2021: most dealers have already heavily pre-ordered for the December/January release.

Dealer tip: Go with the 160 for that Fox 38. Check out the 2020 review which is almost spot on with 2021:


3: The 2021 Specialized Turbo Levo Expert Carbon

We all drooled over the 2019 Comp Carbon--and our hearts were broken when it was discontinued. BUT the Expert has brought back our love. They offered it last year, but we disagreed with the component level. Now we are believers. This e-bike is the ultimate machine and one that keeps weight down while giving you playful suspension, 700 watt hours of battery, and an overall perfect ride. Don't believe me? Check out Austen on the trails in this video review:


The “I Want the Best” Range

Two e-bikes here take the cake.

1: The 2021 Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo

You guessed it: it's already sold out everywhere….and it's not even 2021! If you see it, buy it. If you don't, not save yourself the $1500 and go with...

2: The Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 C:62 SLT 27.5 625

It's a mouthful, but you’ll be full of stoke after you ride it. When you compare this to anything in its class it wins, hands down. It may not have the XX1 (like the unicorn S-Works) but when you look at these components and compare it on price you can’t be in a better league.

You know that guy who buys the yellow Corvette in an automatic, and the one who buys the GT500 in a stick shift? Yeah. We all know which one looks flashier, and which one is just more fun to drive.

Ready to Ride?

We hope you liked our suggestions and we encourage you to scour the web for better! What you'll find is these are the most popular models in the eMTB space and they offer some of the best pricing (and availability) in the coming months. Thanks for reading! 

Good vibes and good rides! 

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