Bosch eBike Smart System - New Bosch Battery!

Want to know what Bosch's newest updates are? Read on!

Bosch eBike Flow app

The new Bosch eBike Smart System has been announced and they are changing the way we connect with our bikes. CEO of Bosch eBike Systems, Claus Fleischer, announced that the system update includes a new control unit, drive unit, battery, and even charger. What makes this system smart is that they are all connected wirelessly via the Bosch eBike Flow app. Any adjustments, monitoring, and updates can all be done wirelessly through the eBike Flow app. Let's dig into the new system, component by component, and see how Bosch really is making cycling smarter for 2021 and the future. 

Bosch FLOW App

The eBike Flow App will have 4 major features.

  1. Over-the-air updates

You will no longer need to connect your Bosch system to a PC using a microUSB cable for system updates. Your bike will always be up to date when connected to wifi, and you can push any system changes with just a few taps on the screen. 

  1. Activity Tracking

The eBike Flow App will allow you to keep track of your ride, but also keep track of health statistics, like calories burned. If desired, iPhone users can connect to Apple Health to keep track of your important health stats. 

  1. Home Screen

The home screen is exactly that, everything you would ever need during any normal ride on one screen. View your speed, distance, battery range, total distance for each power mode, and even when your next maintenance interval will be. 

  1. Custom Riding Modes

For the first time ever, you can now adjust the drive unit’s power assist between Eco, Tour, Sport (eMTB), and Turbo modes. Need to travel further under a single charge? Simply adjust the power output for either of the riding modes to achieve the distance you need on your ride. 

Bosch Kiox 300

The eBike Smart System now has the ability to use a minimalist LED Remote, or it can be combined with a full color Kiox upgrade, the Kiox 300. 

Bosch Kiox 300

This new display will always remain up to date as it automatically updates when they are released by Bosch. With a larger screen than the original Kiox, the Kiox 300 is sleek, bright and water and dust resistant. The larger display will assist you with better route planning as it will offer visual guidance for a better ride experience. The holder will also allow you to position the display at any angle that fits your riding experience. 

Bosch LED Remote

Bosch LED Remote

The LED Remote has the same arrow buttons as the current Kiox remote, but is more ergonomic and is color coordinated so you can see what riding mode you’re in at a quick glance. Green for Eco, blue for Tour, Purple for Sport (eMTB) and red for Turbo. It also has 5 battery LEDs so you know just how much power you have left in the “tank.” The Smart Walk Assist feature will allow you to choose just how much power you need while using Walk Assist.

Bosch Powertube 750

Bosch Powertube 750

Claus Fleischer said it best, this is the new flagship rechargeable battery! The eBike Smart System is now equipped with a larger 750Wh battery pack, which offers 20% greater range than the 625Wh PowerPack. Although the 750Wh battery pack is not compatible with current PowerTube systems (400, 500, or 625) the enhanced battery management system (BMS) offers long service life, reliability, and protection of the internal cells. The Smart System PowerTube 750 is coupled with the new Smart System 4A Charger, which will charge your battery from 50% in just 2 hours, fully charged in 6 hours from 0%. 

Bosch Performance Line CX

Bosch Performance Line CX

The new Performance Line CX Drive Unit is truly a smart motor. It connects wirelessly to the eBike Flow App to make any adjustments for every riding mode on the fly. It offers 85Nm of torque to help you get up and over any obstacle or hill. This drive unit was designed specifically for the Smart System and can only be coupled with the PowerPack 750 and LED Remote and/or Kiox 300 display. 

So what truly makes this system “smart?” Bosch’s future goal is to tap into the IoT, or Internet of Things, so that you can fully immerse yourself in the cycling experience. This Smart System allows you to customize rides, update software wirelessly, and connect to applications you already use in daily life. This is the first step towards complete wireless connectivity for your bike’s systems, robust lock features for theft prevention, and social communications so that you can connect with riders before, during and after your ride. Starting 9/1/2021, we get an elegant, integrated, and reliable system that we can only expect from Bosch engineering.


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