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Bulls Copperhead EVO AM 1 750 Review

The Bulls Copperhead electric mountain bikes are back for 2022 and looking better than ever with the brand new Bosch Smart System, excellent entry-level components, and a more approachable ride for all types of riders. A massive 750 watt hour battery, mullet wheel setup, and 150 mm of travel make this a bike worth looking at. Will the Suntour suspension be able to hold up to more aggressive riding styles? Take a look and we'll let you know if it's worth the buy!

Bulls Copperhead EVO AM 1 750 electric mountain bike dark petrol side profile on fly rides
Bulls Copperhead EVO AM 1 750 electric mountain bike rider jumping on trail on fly rides
Bulls Copperhead EVO AM 1 750 electric mountain bike side profile outdoors on trail on fly rides
Bulls Copperhead Evo AM 1 750 electric mountain bike review on Fly Rides
Bulls Copperhead EVO AM 1 750 electric mountain bike dark petrol side profile on fly rides
Bulls Copperhead EVO AM 1 750 electric mountain bike rider jumping on trail on fly rides
Bulls Copperhead EVO AM 1 750 electric mountain bike side profile outdoors on trail on fly rides

For years, Bulls has been combining the state-of the-art drive technology and know-how from our professional cyclist and engineers. This resulted in a form of sport mobility that combines power, dynamics, great stamina and sensitivity. Bulls has been in the eBike market since 2010, mainly in the continental Europe. Today, Bulls is the best example of a brand that has an eBike for every need, offering the greatest mix of eBike models and drive systems in different disciplines from eMTBs to eCross to eUrban to eFat bikes.

The copperhead bikes came onto the scene a few years ago. They were meant to be a bit heftier in design, and initially were made for heavier riders. But this year I think the copperhead is going to be approachable for riders of all shapes and sizes. It has got an excellent cross country design, the much sought after Bosch Smart System, and components that are not going to break the bank.

  • The Bosch Performance CX Motor with 85 NM of torque and 250 watts, was newly, aerodynamically designed for this year. 
  • Bosch Powertube 750 is a massive battery capable of keeping you riding all day. 
  • Your Shimano Deore drivetrain is going to partner nicely with that Bosch Smart System and offer some snappy shifting and excellent climbing ability.
  • Your groupset is rounded out with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes on a 203 mm rotor in the front and a 180 mm rotor in the back. 
  • This is more of a cross country build, and the Suntour suspension is excellent for that purpose. It's 150mm of travel in the front with matching travel in the back on a Suntour shock.
  • There isn’t  a dropper seatpost on this bike, but this is always something you would be able to add retroactively. There is a quick release seat collar instead of a seat collar with a hex wrench, so it’s quick and easy to hop off your bike and lower that saddle for those more intense descents.
  • Of course, you've got the Bosch LED remote. 

Bulls has opted to go without the Kiox 300 display which eMTB riders have been asking for, forever basically.

  • Most eMTB riders these days are looking for something more low profile so that they can just get out there and enjoy the ride. But you are not without the ability to track miles and speeds because you have that Bosch eBike flow app.
  • Of course, you can add the Kiox 300 retroactively if you would like. But Bulls also has you set up with a really nice phone mount so that you can have easy access to the eBike flow app if you want to use that as a display. 
  • Personally, I like the idea of having that phone mount with the eBike flow app in front of me when I want it, and then I'm able to put it away if I don't feel like I need it at a given moment.

Some of you might have questions about that Suntour Suspension, but I have to say it worked great for me. 

  • Suntour used to not have a great reputation, but you are seeing people race on Suntour suspension these days. I think we will see them catch up to the other suspension manufacturers in the not too distant future. 
  • I was surprised how great it was into corners, which is always something I have an issue with an a four point suspension system. The suspension on this bike felt really tight to me; I never felt like I needed more.

You will be able to take this bike on more aggressive terrain, but it’s also perfect for flowy singletrack. If you ride harder, you are getting this bike for under $6k, so keep in mind you can upgrade components as you see fit, but this bike was good for about 90% of the stuff that I normally do.

  • The Bosch Smart System continues to impress me. I find more and more things I like about it every day. 
  • They have been doing a lot of updates and integrations with other apps. I think it was extremely smart to put the Bosch Smart System on this bike as opposed to an older Bosch eBike system.
  • I'm also really loving the new Bosch 750 Smart System thumb control. It's bright, clear, colorful. And the fact that you can run it without the screen allows me to focus more on the trail. 

Overall, for the money, I think this is a great buy. 

Fly Rides makes buying your ebike easy. We provide expert guidance, excellent post-purchase support, and competitive pricing. 

  • We are passionate riders and only sell what we’ve tested ourselves. 
  • We work hard to make sure you spend more time riding and less time in the shop, but when you do need our support, we’re there for you because you’re part of the Fly Ride family. 
  • We offer financing programs via Affirm allowing you to pay over time. Details here.
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