Cube Kathmandu Hybrid One Review

2021's most popular commuting and touring bike, the Kathmandu Hybrid from Cube, is back for 2022. people would call our shop back in 2020 begging us to bring this bike in in 2021, and we were able to get a few. But luckily in 2022 cube is going to be bringing even more Kathmandu Hybrids to Fly Rides which means these very exciting bikes are going to be available to you whether you're looking to tour on it, commute on it, grab groceries, or just have something to ride for fun. Today we're taking a look at the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid one 500. Read below for more information on the Kathmandu series!

Bosch's new smart system

The big upgrade this year that everybody is talking about is that the Kathmandu Hybrids are going to be available with Bosch's new smart system and 750 watt hour battery. Now, that is not going to be available in the Kathmandu One. You would have to upgrade to the Kathmandu Hybrid EXC if you wanted to get that 750 watt hour battery and also the Bosch smart system. But if you're just looking for that battery upgrade there is another model that you can look at too. That is going to be the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625. These were so difficult to find last year, we were only able to get a few in but this year--it is going to be largely the same story. 

All three models will be available in the states, but I would try and go test ride as soon as you possibly can because they come in on a rolling basis and you should be able to still pre-order one so that you can grab yourself a Kathmandu Hybrid. But of course today we are digging deep on the Kathmandu Hybrid one 500 so let's go ahead and talk about specs. 

Cube Kathmandu Hybrid One 500

  • Bosch Performance CX motor with 85 newton meters of torque
  • class 1 motor that is going to offer you speeds of 20 miles per hour
  • 500 watt hour integrated Bosch Powertube battery
  • 10-speed Shimano Deore derailleur (11-42 tooth cassette)
  • Hydraulic disc brakes on 180 millimeter rotors
  • Rack capacity: 55 pounds

What we love about this bike:

What I love about the Katmandu Hybrid rack setup is that the supports for the rack are welded onto the frame so that your gear still feels secure when you're at that 55 pound weight limit. You've also got integrated lights on the Kathmandu Hybrid one 500. Front and rear lights come stock on this.  All of Cube's touring bikes offer a ton of comfort features and the Kathmandu Hybrid one is not going to be an exception on that. You've got the Suntour NVX 30 coil spring fork out front. That's gonna be a hundred millimeters of travel. That'll eat up any bumps in the road and keep you uber comfortable. You've also got an adjustable stem so that you can bring it back towards you if you like sitting upright a little bit more. You get a full suspension feel from the plunger style suspension seat post in the back. And on top of that you are on Schwalbe Big Ben 2.1 inch wide tires. We also love that this comes in 3 different frame styles to fit everyones needs. It comes in an easy entry, trapeze, and high bar option (diamond).

Who is it for?

Someone who wants reliability and power. Bosch is still my favorite motor for commuting and touring. If I'm making a point to go electric bike touring or if I'm commuting on an electric bike I don't want to have to worry about power or reliability. This motor offers both of those things. That battery is probably going to get you about 20 to 40 miles pretty easily. You can definitely push it past 40 miles if you're being super conservative with your usage but what's really nice about the Kathmandu Hybrid One 500 is that you are given the option to upgrade to the 625 watt hour battery eventually. The Kathmandu Hybrid One 500 is gonna be great for riders that want to stay around town and go to your local stores and restaurants. If you've got a short commute to work, maybe you want to do some bike paths or rails to trails, but not go on super long adventures. 

Cube Kathmandu Pro 625:

Now of course you're gonna be spending quite a bit of money on a 625 watt hour battery, so if you are looking to do that and these bikes are still available I would probably upgrade to that Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625 just because you are getting spec upgrades there and also you're already getting the 625 watt hour battery. 

Overall, the Kathmandu series from Cube is for the all round rider looking for comfort, stability, and a bike that can take them wherever they want. With 100mm of travel, a reliable Bosch motor and battery system, you should be able to ride fire roads and bike paths with the same level of comfort. Your decision on which model will come down to the miles you like to ride (longer the ride, bigger the battery) and your budget. For more information on each model and to place a pre order click the links below. Thanks!


Cube Kathmandu Hybrid One 500:

Easy Entry One 500

Trapeze One 500

Diamond One 500

Cube Kathmandu Pro 625

Easy Entry Pro 625

Trapeze Pro 625

Diamond Pro 625

Cube Kathmandu EXC 750

Trapeze EXC 750

Diamond EXC 750

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