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Is the Mondraker Crafty SE the death of the generic eMTB? 2022 ushers in a truly "special edition" of electric mountain bike. With a Fox 38 fork and Fox Float X rear shock on Mondraker's patented Zero Suspension, unmatched, championship winning Forward Geometry, and SRAM GX Eagle derailleur, you'll never go back to big-box bike brands. 
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Fly Rides USA Customer Review about the Mondraker Crafty SE eBike

The Mondraker brand has built a stellar race reputation on their forward geometry and zero suspension (more info on this here) and now have partnered with Bosch to make some of the most reliable and fast paced emtbs on the market. So what makes Mondraker ebikes so special? Design. It is a simple fact. We aren’t just talking about the stunning lines or perfect battery integrations, we are talking about it all. It is hard to sum up in a blog and really the best way to know the feeling is to ride them. Not many shops have these bikes in stock or even have access to them, so we are here to help you decide from afar. If you don’t have access to test ride these ebikes, experts like us can help you decide which model is right for you. We ride, we review and we know how they feel. See what one of our latest customers had to say about it.

Mondraker wants to make waves in 2022 and they have priced and spec’d their bikes to make them a no-brainer for the consumer. Don’t fret about them being new(ish) to the United States. They have a storied history in Spain and Fly Rides has been working alongside Bosch for 7 years now. If needed, we have all warranty related concerns covered. Even if it wasn’t for the specs, the ride quality is better than any brand we have ever ridden.


The “mid term” arrival from Mondraker is announced as a special edition “SE” to help customers get on a quality build while waiting for the anticipated Bosch Smart System. This allows customers who are sick of waiting on new emtbs and don’t have a need for a 750wh battery to get on a bike now instead of being on the ever-dreaded bike shop wait list.

  • This bike comes spec’d better than almost anything in its price range and still offers Mondraker’s unique and confidence inspiring geometry.
  • The Crafty SE has the same motor power of its upcoming counterparts (85nm of torque) and all the same geometry uniqueness of all Mondraker models.
  • The motor is a Bosch Performance Line CX Cruise (20mph) GEN4, with Bosch Powrtube 625Wh battery.


SRAM GX Eagle Derailleur

Why is the derailleur such an important part of the bike? In all cases, you want a reliable system that can handle dry and wet conditions.

  • The SRAM GX Eagle derailleur is designed for crips shifting, even under load.
  • Also designed to shed mud so you can confidently change gears after long descents.
  • With a 500% gear range on the Crafty SE, you can climb just about any mountain with ease.

Fox 38 Fork

The Fox 38 fork is a staple in enduro mtb.

  • The equipped Performance fork is stiffer than the 36 fork, ebike tuned, comes with a boost 15x110mm axle, and a Fit Grip EVOL damper.
  • You can confidently barrel down chunky terrain and adjust the damper performance on the fly between firm and fully open settings.

Fox Float-X LV Suspension

The Fox rear air suspension equipped on the Crafty SE performs exceptionally well under chattery rocks and is able to pivot to smooth out harsh landings and g-outs without having to adjust rebound or damper settings.

  • Although you have the option to adjust damper and rebound settings, once you set up your sag and settings, you may never need to change them.
  • How? Well, that’s where Mondraker’s Zero-Suspension technology comes in.


Mondraker Crafty SE Zero Suspension Technology

Mondraker Zero Technology

The Zero Suspension Technology equipped on all Mondraker ebikes helps you keep the rubber side down to the ground.

  • With the suspension spring (Fox Float X LV) nestled between two pivot links, the rear suspension becomes ultra sensitive to small bumps, and it also tackles big hits as the suspension compresses from the top and bottom.
  • Zero-Suspension also offers high pedaling efficiency by reducing pedal bob. The Crafty SE is one efficient climber and performs well under any downhill scenario.
  • The frame features Crafty 6061 Alloy Stealth Evo, e-Bike Optimized Zero Suspension System, 150mm travel, Forward Geometry, internal removable battery with integrated alloy cover, Boost 12x148mm rear axle, tapered head tube, one-piece Monoblock upper link, HHG internal cable routing, MAX capacity sealed bearings, oversize 17mm axles, integrated dropout speed sensor, exclusive plastic motor covers.


Mondraker Crafty SE Forward Geometry Technology


With a longer front-center, the Crafty SE is more stable under faster descents without compromising agility.

  • Simply put, the front part of the bike is longer than the rear, which helps keep the front wheel planted to the ground when climbing, avoiding unwanted wheelies.
  • It also provides improved weight balance, which provides more stability in technical and unstable terrain.


Fly Rides makes buying your ebike easy. We provide expert guidance, excellent post-purchase support, and competitive pricing.

  • We are passionate riders and only sell what we’ve tested ourselves.
  • We work hard to make sure you spend more time riding and less time in the shop, but when you do need our support, we’re there for you because you’re part of the Fly Ride family.
  • For a limited time, we’re currently offering a $400 rebate on the Mondraker Crafty SE. See product page for details here.
  • We offer financing programs via Affirm allowing you to pay over time. Details here.

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