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Review of the Niner WFO e9 eMTB

The Niner WFO E9 brings 85 newton meters of Bosch Generation 4 CX power to climb up steep inclines and aggressive geometry along with premium suspension to crush an enduro or downhill trail. Check out this epic ride and review with me showing you how hard you can shred on this thing!

Niner WFO e9 eMTB side profile on white background on Fly Rides
Niner WFO e9 electric mountain bike rider hitting jump on rocky trail on Fly Rides
Niner WFO e9 eMTB riding rocks at sunset on Fly Rides
Niner WFO e9 electric mountain bike quarter view profile on Fly Rides
Niner WFO e9 eMTB Austen video review on Fly Rides
Niner WFO e9 eMTB side profile on white background on Fly Rides
Niner WFO e9 electric mountain bike rider hitting jump on rocky trail on Fly Rides
Niner WFO e9 eMTB riding rocks at sunset on Fly Rides
Niner WFO e9 electric mountain bike quarter view profile on Fly Rides

Haven't heard of Niner? Well, they're only one of the rowdiest, wildest electric mountain bike companies on the market today. Based out of Fort Collins, CO, with the Rockies as a backdrop, Niner has a passion and focus on off-road bikes. The e9 Series of 29ers looks to up the fun factor on trails from beginner to advanced. Be free to roam, explore, and ride whatever you want, whenever you want, with nothing holding you back other than your imagination.


Overall the ride was great. Gripped onto the terrain and allowed me to do the same jump lines I usually ride with just as much air and confidence. I am becoming more and more keen on the enduro/long travel set up on ebikes as it has little to no effect on climbing, so might as well have the suspension. I think if anyone is looking to get on a bike with a reliable motor, bigger battery, and the important components delivered in high quality then the Niner WFO E9 is the perfect bike for you. 


We're flush with inventory of this great Niner and I was pumped to have an awesome ride. 


Most of our team have upgraded their bikes to longer travel and coil over shocks. Having it come stock saves you tons of research and headache. I’ve attempted, and gave up, plus I could get the shock, no coil, and hardware was delayed. Better to have it stock in my opinion.

  • 180 Zeb; Monster. It is closely compared to the Fox 38 and I have to agree it rides similar. 
  • Slightly less tunability but a fantastic enduro fork. Ate up everything I threw at it (wouldn’t say I am a black diamond rider but can definitely hold my own). 

What about a Mullet setup?

I haven’t ridden mullet (29” front / 27.5” back) in years and have gone from 29’ers back to 27.5s. Going mullet takes a few laps to get used to but it offers the best of both worlds. Roll over anything and then fish your tail out for better handling. 

  • I still think I am a 27.5” fan but the industry disagrees with me. 
  • More and more bikes are either full 29s or heading into the market trend of mullet set up. 
  • Plus it gives you a slightly more upright ride which is great for me and anyone who hates leaning too far forward on their bike.

To address the weight lambasting that seems to take place. I truly believe this to be an unfair criticism. When we look at full powered enduro style emtbs it fits right alongside the ebikes that have set the industry standard. Instead of making my normal joke of “just don’t hold it above your head” I will actually give insight into its weight. 

First, I applaud Niner for actually listing the weight. Look at any manufacturer and every one avoids this specification. Heck, go to see the new Orbea Rise, self proclaimed “super light” bike and they have a disclaimer saying they cannot state the actual weight. 

When manufacturers do add weight it is usually a small frame and from our in shop scale they are always heavier than actual listed weight. If I look at the most popular enduro emtbs you see the same weights:

  • Specialized Kenevo Expert: 53lbs (size S3)
  • Cube 160: 54 lbs (size medium)
  • Niner WFO E9: 58lbs
  • Bulls E Core EN: 59.5lbs (one of the best riding enduro’s available along with Niner)
  • Turbo Levo Comp: 52lbs (non enduro)

Yes, it may be 1-2lbs heavier but it has a Fox coil over shock and a massive 180mm Rockshox Zeb. I have found over and over again that as an ebiker, weight feels good on the trail. 

  • Where my riding could get weak in loose terrain I gain confidence with less sliding and more ability to run through the loose parts of a trail. 
  • Don’t like weight? Go with a super light and sacrifice power and battery range.
  • Don’t mind romping on the trail? Get a Niner.

Fly Rides makes buying your ebike easy. We provide expert guidance, excellent post-purchase support, and competitive pricing. 

  • We are passionate riders and only sell what we’ve tested ourselves. 
  • We work hard to make sure you spend more time riding and less time in the shop, but when you do need our support, we’re there for you because you’re part of the Fly Ride family.  
  • For a limited time, we’re currently offering a $400 rebate on the Niner WFO e9.  See product page for details here.
  • We offer financing programs via Affirm allowing you to pay over time. Details here.
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