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What’s Coming From Bosch in 2023

We have got some huge Bosch electric bike news! Bosch has finally released information about their long awaited 2023 updates! Bosch eBike Systems fans can expect a new display, bigger and more varied batteries, a Cargo electric bike specific motor, more powerful mid-level motors, and much more!

Kiox 100 Display for the Bosch Smart System

The main system we're going to be talking about is the newest system from Bosch, the Bosch Smart System. A lot of our customers have talked about how big those Kiox 300 displays have been, so Bosch just came out with the new Kiox 100 display.

  • It’s a little bit smaller, and it goes right up front to replace that 300 display.
  • Instead of the color, it is all black and white. Kind of like a Purion display that you might have had.
  • Like a Purion, it stays out of the way, and it’s smaller. Maybe it provides a little less information than the Kiox 300, but most of the time you don’t need all that information.
  • And it’s still going to be available on the Bosch Smart System app, the eBike Flow App.
  • The Kiox 300 can be pretty big, especially for mountain bikers, who might prefer something like the Kiox 100.

System Controller and Mini Remote

Staying on that topic of displays, we're also looking at smaller systems, like The System Controller and Mini Remote.

  • If you can imagine the old Nyon display or even your current Kiox 300 remote on your left-hand side. It is now much smaller.
  • It's just an up or down with a press and hold for light. And then an enter button or a return button so you can scroll through your menus.
  • Also, getting rid of that display. So you can get rid of the Kiox 300 or 100 and have a small LED controller.
  • The cool thing about this is that a lot of frame manufacturers are going to be able to embed this in the frame. So there are ways for you to upgrade later if you wanted to go with something super minimalist like this new display and controller, but you have to install it somehow with a third-party peripheral on the frame or the handlebar.
  • Plus, there's gonna be a lot less cabling, and a lot less going on in your cockpit because all these systems are going to be connected via Bluetooth.
  • We’re expecting this will have a May 2023 release.

eBike Alarm

E-bike security is always top of mind for e-bike owners. I feel like every time I've been to Germany and seen the new stuff coming out in Europe. there are always more security features.

  • This update in America is called the eBike alarm. It comes with a connect module that you’ll install on your smart system motor to get advanced functionalities like this alarm system.
  • You’ll be able to lock your bike and sound an alarm if someone's trying to mess with it.
  • Plus, there’s a lot of automatic activation. When you turn your bike off, presumably after it's locked up or maybe it's in your garage, the eBike alarm is going to come on automatically, you don't even have to think about it.
  • Then, when you turn your bike back on, the alarm automatically turns off. You won’t have a running car alarm situation where randomly your alarms is going off.

Auto Mode and Automatic Braking System

Auto Mode

Auto mode is one of the things that we’re probably the most excited about. It feels like something that eMTB mode and even Tour+ modes that came out this year have just been missing.

  • This new auto mode has all those features put into one. So basically riding on going say 17 - close to the class one limit - and you hit a corner, which you’re going to have to slow down for.
  • With auto mode, you’ll be able to maintain speed without having to shift around corners, up and down hills, all in the same mode.
  • Auto mode seems to be even more powerful than turbo. And it's a really cool new function. It’s like the 2050 version of eMTB mode.

Automatic Braking System

This is something that Bosch has been developing for years. I got to try it at Eurobike in 2019, and it was already really good, so I hope they just come full out with it.

  • We don’t have a lot of information yet, but it seems like they’re going to be starting with it on cargo bikes and then expanding it out.
  • If they're still updating it from there it's gonna be awesome when it does come out, so hopefully, we'll be seeing some more of that as well.

Motor Updates

Performance Line Motors

This year the update on performance line motors is that it's going to jump up from 65nm of torque to 75Nm of torque.

  • You’ll get a lot more torque out of those more midline Bosch motors, basically the power you were getting out of the top-of-the-line Bosch motors two years ago.
  • But it will be interesting to see if they keep their quiet nature as well. If they can do 75nm as quietly as the 65nm ones, that's huge.

Speed Line Motors

The new Speed Line motors are also going to come with a magnesium casing. It's going to be a little bit lighter for those electric bikes that are made for road riding or even gravel riding for Class 3. That will be 28 miles per hour with a magnesium casing.

eCargo Line Motors

The eCargo line of motors are all going to be smart system compatible as well, and they're going to give you a boost of up to 400% of what you're giving for power. So you're gonna get all that power, all that torque for those heavier cargo bikes. Plus, they’re compatible with the Bosch Smart System.

PowerTubes and PowerPacks

This is an expansion of the Bosch Smart System, in addition to the PowerTubes, now we have PowerPacks.

  • They’re going to be 545 and 725-watt hours, which is a sizable amount of power, but also much more range compatible with the new Bosch Smart System.
  • Not everybody needs these huge battery backs especially if you're going a limited amount of miles a day. If you're commuting or something like that, that 545's gonna be fine for you probably.
  • It's nice to see also 725s, which is a massive battery capacity in a PowerPack, but that we haven’t seen from a manufacturer who designed their frames such that they cannot accommodate the new 750 watt-hour batteries.
  • Plus, they’re coming up with 500 watt-hour and 625-watt-hour PowerTubes
  • So you're going to have all three sizes now, all compatible with the Bosch Smart System.
  • And that's where that PowerPack comes in handy so now you can piggyback and have two batteries, a total of about 1045 watt hours for the technology coming forward.
  • I'll be interested to see that combined with the mag casing at 75 nm. You could almost do like a lightweight eMTB but with full power which would be super dope.

Expanded Compatibility with E-Shifting Systems

E-Shifting is huge. It's going to be more and more huge the more the eBike industry develops.

  • You're getting more compatibility with more eShifting systems, including Di2, Rohloff, and electric Rohloff.
  • A lot of companies can be pretty closed. They want you to be using their system completely. So it's nice to see them branching out a little bit and partnering between these companies.
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