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Overlanding Meets Electric Mountain Biking

At FlyRides, if there’s one thing we love more than getting out on our local trails and riding our electric mountain bikes, it’s getting out in the backcountry and doing the same thing. That’s why Fly Rides owners Ike and Megan took out a Teton X camper trailer and went out into the backcountry of Montana and Zion National Park for their vacation. An overlanding eMTB adventure!

What eMTBs Did We Use On Our Overlanding Trip?

About the bikes bikes on tree on fly rides

For this trip, Megan and Ike brought some new bikes to try out.

  • Megan rode a Cube Actionteam, a bike that’s just about as dope as you can get with a Shamino drivetrain so you know you’re dealing with something pretty quality.
  • Ike road the Bulls E Stream Evo AM 4 with a Bosch Drive S Mag motor. A pretty solid ride.
  • They rounded out their gear with Tenkara fly rods and a Teton X camper trailer.

Day 1 Overlanding Activities

Day 1 RV Teton on fly rides Day 1 bike on trail on fly rides

Ike and Megan drove from LA to Montana and arrived at a gorgeous little riverside camping spot in the North Hills. After breakfast and a little fishing by the river, they strapped their fishing gear (and Odin, the dog) on their backs, hopped on their bikes, and rode 30 miles into the Tobacco Root mountains. A 4,000-foot climb took them up to a total of 10,000 feet above sea level.

Day 2 Overlanding Activities

Day 2 snow road on fly rides Day 2 RV Driving on fly rides

Megan and Ike woke up to snow in the Montana mountains and set off for some more fishing before heading to Big Sky for a night in the lodge.

Day 3 and 4 Overlanding Activities

Day 3 and 4 zion on fly rides Day 3 and 4 bike in park on fly rides

After a long day driving back down to the southwest they arrived in Zion National Park to learn that no dogs are allowed. Not wanting to leave Odin out of the fun, they settled at the Eagle Crag mountains nearby. The 95-degree heat was quite a shock after snow in the mountains, so they waited until sunset to hop on their bikes to explore

Final Thoughts on Overlanding With an eMTB

Final Thoughts on fly rides

If you're looking to get out in the backcountry, we really think there is no better way than this duo: Overlanding and eMTBs. This is the perfect way to explore the west - or wherever you’re headed.

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