How to Choose a Bike Tube


Hello! Hector here with Fly Rides. In my 20 years of experience of tinkering, building, and servicing bicycles, I've come across a couple tips and tricks to help you maintain your bike.  Today's tech tip is all about figuring out which size tube you need for your tire.

Look at the sidewall of your tire for size markings

Most of the tires have a stamped or etched in size so you know exactly which size tire you have. So there's two number sets that you really need to look at. One number means the diameter of the tire and the other number means the width of the tire. Depending on the brand of your tire you might see these in metric or in imperial numbers.

How to choose bike tube tire size diameter and width on Fly Rides

Now Find the Exact Bike Tube Size You Need

Now that you know the number we can search for the exact size tube for your bike. So tubes come in a range rather than an exact specification. So for example: If your bike is a 27.5 inch diameter tire by 2.75, you can find a tube that is ranging between 2.0 and 3.0 that'll fit that tire.

Replacing Bike Tube Diameter Range on Fly Rides

The other number you want to note is the diameter of the tire. So the diameter of your tire simply needs to be matched up with the tube. For example, a 700c tire can match up with a 700c tube. And a 27.5 inch tire, also known as 650b, matches up with the 27.5 inch tube. If you want another point of reference check out the ISO numbers--or the international standard numbers--and match that up to your tube.

Don't Forget to Check the Valve Type

The last thing you want to note is the type of valve that's already installed on the tube that you're replacing. Presta valves are skinnier and have a lockable valve whereas Schrader valves look like what comes on your car. Then measure the length of the valve on the tube that you're replacing make sure that the new tube has a valve of that exact same length.

Replacing bike tube Presta vs Schrader Valve image on Fly Rides

That's our tech tip for today. Be sure to watch the video and if you found it helpful, don't forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube Channel so that you never miss another one. Until next time, enjoy the ride.

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