How to Choose the Right Lube for your eBike

It can be catastrophic for your day of riding and for your drivetrain if you choose the wrong type of chain lubricant. Keep your bike out of the shop by watching and following this tech tip from Hector!

Something as simple as choosing the right lube can extend the life of your ebike and help you have a better time on your rides.  So, should you go with a dry or a wet lube? 

When Should You Use A Dry Lubricant?

Choose a lube that best matches the terrain you’re going to ride in.  For example, if you live in a dry area and will be riding on a lot of dusty roads & trails, you should go with a dry lubricant.

When should I use a dry lubricant for my ebike rider on dusty trail on Fly Rides

Don’t be confused by the name “Dry” as it will still apply to your chain links wet, but will dry more quickly vs a wet lubricant. 

If you use a WET lube in dry, dusty conditions, it will actually attract all that dust and gunk up your drivetrain like in the image below.

Dirty drivetrain on electric bike from using wet lube on dusty trail on Fly Rides

When Should You Use A Wet Lubricant?

If you are riding in wetter conditions, humid climates like in the Pacific Northwest, or if you’re going to cross through streams and rivers, it’s best to use a wet lubricant. 

Which lube should I use for ebike rider crossing stream with wet lube on Fly Rides

A wet lubricant will apply to your chain links a bit thicker and take much longer to dry. 

Wet lube application to chain links on electric bike on Fly Rides

If you’re riding in wet terrain with a DRY lube, it will actually wear off very fast and lead to a really dry, sticky chain.  Sticky chains will wear out your drivetrain much faster. 

Using a dry lube in wet conditions image of drivetrain on Fly Rides

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Until next time, enjoy the ride.

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