Should I Get Integrated Bike Lights?

Hello! Hector here with Fly Rides. In my 20 years of experience of tinkering, building, and servicing bicycles, I've come across a couple tips and tricks to help you maintain your bike. On today's tech tip we're going to talk about integrated electric bike lights: are they really necessary?

What bike types usually have integrated lights?

You most commonly see integrated bike lights on touring or commuter style bikes. For example, the Gazelle Ultimate T10 or the Riese & Muller Nevos. These bike lights illuminate the road so that you can be seen and also see what's in front of you. The reason for this is that you don't want to be caught riding in the dark. If you plan to ride at night, it's a good idea to have integrated lights no matter the type of e-bike you ride. 

Riding electric bike at night with integrated lights on Fly Rides

Is it illegal not to have integrated lights?

In many major cities, like Los Angeles, it is illegal to ride a bike at night without a light--especially a headlamp. Not to mention it is much safer to ride with lights. For that reason we recommend installing a fixed bike light onto your frame. So if you have an electric mountain bike that doesn't have any integrated lights and you're primarily riding on the road, We do recommend installing bike lights that are integrated to your system.

Many road riders also attach strobe lights to their bikes which helps with visibility. So if you have a brand new bicycle that has integrated lights but you feel like they're not that bright, then go ahead and upgrade those lights. Again, it's all about safety and making sure that you can see and be seen on the road.

Strobe lights integrated lights for electric bike on Fly Rides

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Until next time, enjoy the ride.

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